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zorn sabretooth:



Hehehe, crazy Dutch guys! :wink:

We had them walk through Amsterdam with those suits on as well when I still worked at GW Amsterdam!


lol, There is another video showing them putting on the costumes. (They made 2)

Ghrask Dragh:

:slight_smile: Pretty cool vids, really nice suits :hat off for the effort

Hashut’s Blessing:

Any ideas what they’re made out of?


oh em gee. you could not pay me enough. and here’s why. didn’t you see that brat kid? you can tell he just wants to antagonize that Space Marine. I would end up beating him down with my gun. then I’d lose my job.

and I’d probably have a lawsuit on my hands. heh

great costume though :slight_smile:


You don’t get a lawsuit that quick in Holland Sojourn, plus none of the big compensations as well! :wink:

@Hashut’s Blessing: Different materials. As far as I remember correctly; rubber, cloth and some sort of hardened styrofoam.

Hashut’s Blessing:

That’s what I was thinking, but the backpack looks plastic… Maybe they made some parts from plastic.

Sojourn, why bash them? Build a working gun and shoot the kid. The “bullet” can’t be traced as it’s a unique weapon and they will have no clue. Bashing is more fun though.


bash them to teach them a lesson. shooting them means no lesson, and that’s not right. :stuck_out_tongue: