[Archive] Third Question


Hi guys,

2 questions for all the “oldtimers” here:

1 Can somebody help me identify this one?

2 Where can i find background to all the old models (before the bighats), especially the named ones in the wiki and the MM90?


Background-wise, there isn’t much on specific models - back then they mostly named models for fun rather than as special characters. But general fluff is in the old Realms of Chaos book called Slaves To Darkness.


i dont know where its from or when it was made, but there were a load of others(including this one) on eBay, so there are more of this type


This is old timer may have the answer you are looking for:

The Stuff of Legends (SoL) is a great site for looking for old minis.

Here is the Link to the Citadel Miniatures page, which has a whole lot of catalogues scanned and saved:


Here is the link to the whole website:


And…here is the page which contains your little guy, he appears on the Citadel Miniatures 1988 Catalog



@ all: Thx, do you know whom i will have to contact, if i have some additions to the wiki?
Edit: Forget please, will write in the wiki project thread!


Ah yes, forgot about the model. He is called Scarsol Smashskull, also know as Axe 7. He’s in the wiki, but at a slight angle so you can’t see his axe so well.


Just got myself the Slaves of Darkeness-book from a friend. Am off reading!


Didnt want to start another thread, so here the third question: <br>Did there exist a boxed set before the Renegades? <br>Couldnt find anything on google or during a cursory look through the wiki.