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Its just plain wrong, thats why I am exiting the country and Europe. Were geting screwed left right and centre

If you travel from airports and go to the duty free shop theres prices for people travelling in Europe and next to them lower prices for people coming to\from outside the EU. Its sickening !!!

Thommy H:

shopper: "can i have a pound of mince please"

butcher: gets calculator to work out how many grams is in a pound. because of trading standards law says to customer "thats 454 grams, will that be ok"

shopper: "is that 1lb?"

butcher: "yes"

shopper "well ill have 1lb of mince please"
This is a misleading argument. It has nothing to do with the merits of either system - the issue is just one of the transition from one to the other. If we followed the logic of "don't change something that's good enough as it is" then nothing would every change. We'd be living in caves and wearing fur because that was 'good enough'. I mean, of course it's going to be hard to switch over - moving to decimalised currency was the same - but would anyone prefer to go back to shillings and half-crowns and all that nonsense?

Also, it has nothing to do with the European Union. America is being pressured to move to metric too, and they're not involved with the EU. The metric system, while French in origin, is the standard for all scientific communities and all industries everywhere except the USA and that's because it's better - the pressure is coming from within, not without.



It’s not that i don’t like the inches, I use inches for everything since the US RARELY uses metric.

I just thought the UK only used te metric system

(i’m just an ignorant american):stuck_out_tongue:


There’s no law banning imperial measurements in the EU, you just have to have the metric equivalents too (the only exception being roads measured in miles and feet). You can even see the metric equivalents for pints in pubs. It’s the people who completely refuse to even touch metric that cause the problems.


Im staying away from metric, I’ve seen the future (…well the continent) its scary, beer in half liters :o we should go back to measuring in spans then no one knows whats happening cept you

Kera foehunter:

The only metric i use are the damn wronge size ratch wrench that don’t fit amercan bolts.

Same with your silly ammo 9mm what wronge with 357 or 45 calaber


yeah its really stupid sometime ill get a nut and it will be 1/4" hex, and then the next nut will be like 5mm hex. I have to carry arund 2 sets of allen keys with me, 1 metric 1 imperial.

and their is nothing saying metric is actually any better than imperial, its just easier because its all the same. i still beleive its the EU thats causing the problems. why try to force metric on the UK when the UK doesnt want it. It has cost thousands of tax money and doesnt actually do anything different. might as well have bought another millennium dome.


Ahhh.wouldnt the world be an easier place if we used lifestock as currency?

Its confuzzling for me, as im raised at home to use imperial, but taught at school to use metric :S

thats why I am exiting the country and Europe. Were geting screwed left right and centre

Totyally agree with ya, thats why as soon as i leave uni, im off to the States BOOHYAH!!!:cheers


Well this thread is lasting longer than i though…

i thought it wouldn’t break 1 page.


lol lots of people have the hump in several ways and this topics has highlighted a few mate :slight_smile:

“Totyally agree with ya, thats why as soon as i leave uni, im off to the States BOOHYAH!!!” Mass Exodus mate, 400k Brits Emmigrated last year, thats not including al the foreigners that have left to go back too, ones that have been here decades. Next year wil be a higher numbers I reckon and England wil be a Ghost Town soon :slight_smile: Just left with all the dregs of society…and the very rich of course…


Grew up with Metric all my life, and then 2 years ago I get a job that I need to know by sight, measurements in Imperial… I am getting better at it, but sheesh, its like travelling back in time to the stone age… 16ths of an inch :expressionless: lame



Now don’t get me wrong, I’m a very politically active person myself, but contentious political issues wreck forums. By all means discuss metric vs. imperial but can we PLEASE stay away from dicussing the EU. Otherwise before you know it there will be blood.

Calm now