[Archive] Thomasthefinch's Chaos Dwarfs. NOW with added Bull Centaur


Hey guys.  Just started painting and making my CD army.  This is the rough colour scheme I’ve come up with.  Dark red plate, golden/brass mail.

Any feed back on the colours?  (obviously this isn’t a finished model, so no need to criticise my painting skill… just yet.)



I like it, but than it is a lot like mine!


I like it, but than it is a lot like mine!

haha! It does indeed. Pure coincidence though, I swear.

I actually chose the colours because my Passport is sat infront of me. It's a UK passport and therefore dark red/gold.

I wanted to do the armour silver, and then selected plates (helm and shoulders) gloss red, but it looked far too busy. I tried the full red and I quite like it...


I like the paint scheme the colours work really well together, cant wait to see more of your work :slight_smile:


Here is the first model, finished.

I think I am quite happy with the general feel of it, but maybe I need a better highlight colour on the armour. The highlight is too bright.



As said before, I like the coloring. What I miss is a bit of zenithal lighting.


Yours looks great. I think picking a colour scheme is the hardest thing to do. I spent hours trolling through the galleries and army blogs and still couldn’t decide what I wanted. In the end an old football jersey gave me a starting point.


Here is a couple of pictures of my first Bull Centaur!


Grimbold Blackhammer:

It’s a good first attempt but the proportions look a bit…off? Maybe it’s just me or the angle of the photo or something.

Grimbold Blackhammer


I’ll echo Grimbolds sentiments. Good stuff here, but the scale seems a bit “off”. Case in point on the Bull centaur the arms in particular seem out of proportion.

Are those orc arms?


I think maybe you guys haven’t realised what I have made these things from.

It’s one of the new boars from the boar boys kit, and the body half is actually a full Ogre.

I decided that a horse body was A) Too small for a 50mm base monster B) looks too much like a horse rather than a bull.

I tried with a marauder body, but the boar models are just too huge to make this work.

I figured these things are really - creatures of chaos. I think that having what looks like a giant dwarf can just be justified as horrific sorcerer prophet experiments.


I think the problem that people are having is due to the picture, the angle makes the front end look far larger than the back end. I know how big the new boars are, so I think it’s probably a very good fit for the ogre torso, but if you could take a shot of the mini from a side angle, that would be great, and we could get a better idea of scale.

The beard ringlets are looking good!


Ok guys I based it and started painting it, I think this gives a better idea of proportion. Personally, I am quite happy with it. I’m hoping the lack of approval was down to bad photos!


Those are

Better photos! Looks very nice!


That guy remembers me of the good old times with Boar Centaurs! :cheers

Go on with your great work - I’m curious to see more different Centaurs! :slight_smile:



Very original friend. your centaur is missing something though i think it’s a hat or a helm


Yeah, I figured it was the pictures. I really like the scale of the conversion, it looks physically imposing, and about as dwarf-statured as a Centaur is going to get.


I was thinking of making bull centaurs with the boars too only I was going to use black orc bodies and arms and ogre heads.

Kera foehunter:

Kera smiles (you mean a boar centaur )

I love the use of the ogre and O&G boar it great work

he kick ass