[Archive] Those darndest hordes!


in general, ive noticed that numbers tend to win games. anyway for a generally outnumbered army (like our good friends, the CDS) serious tactics would probably have to be involved anyone would like to share some?


I usually find that if I play a denied flank tactic they end up not being able to bring a fair hunk of their army to bear.

And slowing them down with an earthshaker helps this a lot as well.


Horde armies tend to start running away once you destroy the head of the horde army, but getting at the general might prove tricky. You might try and pick off units that are outside the range of the general too and maybe roll up one of their flanks.


Against horde armies, me too, I would recommend using a denied flank tactic, especially if you have one or two naked hobbos acting as decoys during your set-up phase. This kind of slightly modified denied flank served me very well over the years.

The idea is to keep your enemy uncertain of where your main force will be as long as you can. Use of fast moving cavallery, 10 man-hobbos and cheap artillery helps you keep up the maskerade as long as possible.

Start placing the hobgoblins and fast cavallery wolfs first, in order to keep your enemy from guessing the exact position of your denied flank. In addition, you can place a blotthrower or two at the denied flank, which will give you the opportunity to get one or two flank shots with them. The naked hobbos should have quite a good change of handling skirmishers or small flyers trying to overrun your “outpost”. This is also a good place to put some bullcentaurs or ogre DOW, if you want them to circle the enemies main battle line. Now, you have about 100 points in boltthrowers and hobbos at your denied flank, another 100 points distributed along the landscape (either hobbos or fast moving wolfriders).

Then, concentrate your Dwarf Units and heroes on the other side of your deployment zone where the “real” artillery already is. This will result in an anvil that can rain sone long distant death on the approaching enemy, while at the same time, his flanks will be struggling to keep pace with the main battle line.

Hit the flanks with your BT and Deat Rockets, Slow the main bulk down with your Earthshaker, and use your bullcentaurs, wolfriders (and perhaps DOW) to crush the units facing your “denied” flank. They will be far away from their general and the hard-hitters facing your dwarfs.

And, if it shouldnt work out as planned, your valuable units at the “denied” flank are fast enough two get the hell out of there and run to your CD for cover. Just leave the hobbos and boltthrowers to die… We´re Chaos Dwarfs after all… g

Hashut’s Blessing:

Blunderbusses are you best friend here. Don’t go for strength, go for number of units. 10 man squads in a 5 by 2 formation, multiple shots on eavch unit and you’ll shred them. Fill special with bolt throwers and sneaky gits for rank piercing and multiple, cheap attacks. Earthshakers to slow them down. Kill the head and the body will writhe, but falter.


cool advice, but what exactly is the denied flank tactic? i think i have a general idea but would someone be so kind as to explain more?


cool advice, but what exactly is the denied flank tactic? i think i have a general idea but would someone be so kind as to explain more?

This tactic (or more correctly, this way of deployment) is quite common when facing outnumbering enemies. Especially worth a try against skaven, o&G, vampire counts and most chaos mortals. As a second aspect, this setup helps you against armies relying on flank charges and "real" tactics to break your CD´s. (All Elves)

But beware: In order to get this one working you should field some long range weaponry (in 2000 (min): 1ES, 1DR, 2 HgBT) and at least one unit of blunderbusses (two or three is better, I agree with HB).
This one works best if you can force your enemy in an offensive role, let him come to you. Use magic and long range supremacy to achieve this.

The basic idea is to put most of your army in one half of your deployment zone, while your enemy is distributing his forces across the whole battle field. Thus the term "denied flank". You can find a picture here:

it´s not warhammer, but the blue guy put most of his troops on one flank, thus forcing the red player to turn his whole battle line towards the tightly packed blue troops. (Also you can see the use of terrain to secure the flanks of the blue guys main bulk, whereas the red guys archers don´t see the spearmen.)

And this is what you want. Your enemy´s troops on the "wrong" site of the battlefield have to move a lot longer until they reach your main forced placed in (most of the time) defensive formations in one half. This means that your enemy won´t be able to hit you with all his might at the same time. This means for you: Your enemy has to attack you from the front (against dwarfs, thats nearly suicidal), your enemy has to move through bottlenecks and will mess up his marching most of the time and finally, some of his troops will be left on the wrong part of the battlefield.

My advice basicly was about using the ultra-cheap hobgoblin infanterie and artillery to decieve your enemy about your real strategy as long as you can. And it will give you a good laugh when his Chaos Lord or Chosen Knights go boltthrower hunting at the wrong end of the battlefield.


There should be some general dwarf tactics on the web somewhere. I think I saw something like this in the Dwarf Armybook, see “denied flank” and “castle deployment”. (Don´t know the original names, only got the German armybook)