I would like your opinions on threadomancy (posting on a dead thread).

I always wanted to know what people think on this; is it good or is it bad? you could be uselessly spamming on old painting blogs, or helping to support an army blog.

your opinions are welcome



how do you post a poll?

Thommy H:

Threadomancy is pretty much always bad. The only time it’s acceptable is when it’s your own thread, and you’re posting some kind of relevant update. Painting blogs are a good example. I haven’t done anything for my Bretonnians since 2010, but if I painted a new unit and posted it, it would be fine for me to bump that thread up. But just finding someone else’s random plog and going “any updates?” or something is just going to annoy people.

That’s the problem, really - bumping up an old thread generally adds nothing to the discourse. If it was a heated debate, you just open old wounds. If it was a long, interesting topic, obviously everything that needed to be said was said back then. If you’re just asking for updates or posting something pointless, you’ve wasted everyone’s time. People click in, expecting to see something new, and it’s just some newbie who doesn’t understand how to read post dates.

Don’t do it, in other words.


I’m with tommy on this one


What you often find with threadomancy is that at least some of people who had the discussion stopped posting years ago and aren’t really members any more.

I have seen people say in years past ‘but it may encourage them to post again’.  It won’t as even if we did have a thread subscription option here they would have had to chosen to subscribe to it.

So the chances are unless they are still an active poster they will never see it.  Imo it’s best to pm the person you want to talk to, or start a new thread and post the link if you want other people to talk about it.  They are likely to get an email notification at least from a new pm.


ok, so it seems to have a negative vibe.

good to know

Thommy H:

Pretty much every forum on the internet has rules against it, so yeah.


If they are still an active poster and you need to ask about something specific to that thread, then it would be okay. Or any sticky thread that allows replies. Outside of that, there are very few cases where it would be appropriate. Occasionally we get someone who just goes through the old threads saying “cool model”, which is annoying for everyone.