[Archive] Three WIP dwarfs, three different styles


I’ve been trying to work out a style for a few dwarf sculpts, but haven’t quite decided on one yet. So instead of one style, I’ve got three.

This is the first one I made. I had to redo his hands a couple times, and the sculpt is a little rough around the edges at this point. I wanted him to be a kind of faceless warrior, hence the mask.

This is my second one. His robes are a bit more prominent, and I’ve switched out the “faceless warrior” theme for a more religious bull mask.

The above two are based more around GW’s heroic scale dwarfs, but on this one I went for a bit more realistic scale. Smaller head and hands, and less giant armor.


Well they’re so great and really i can’t say who’s better but if i must said,

i will said the second one(the bully one) so impresive style and very new.


I like the 3rd one!

This guy is really cool!

The realistic “touch” is great! :hat off



i really like the one with the bull mask, a really original idea and it looks very good


3rd would have to be my favorite looking so far, i don’t mind the 1st one either though. nice job :hat off


the one with the bull mask looks best.


Great work!

I’d use the 3rd (realistic scale) as the standard troops and the bull helmets as your immortals.


To me, the second one id better. He is the most original, and represents perfectly the Hashut’s sons :hashut