[Archive] Tim Knoblauch

Tim Knoblauch:

Trying this process again, it didn’t work last time. Hi! I’m a CD player from back when Bazokas were feared and laughed at. I am going to run an event at GENCON again this year “WFB Eliminator 2” Last year went OK but I hoped for chaos dwarfves to show up. Any way. As please stop by and say hi! if you are attending to. Like most of our kind we are reclusive but great fun once you get us going!


GENCON, I probably could just google that, but which country is it in?


Guess it’s the GenCon Indy he is talking about - so Indianapolis, US. 5 - 8 August 2010, if you should be around these parts of the world :smiley:

Ishkur Cinderhat:

That’s a very funny alias for my German ears. :wink: I mean, it is an alias… right?