[Archive] Tips and observations about putting together the Iron Daemon


Thats the idea, its in full motion with legs going in to it and a stuff spraying out on the side… its gory


Another thing I just noticed.  The foot plate things on either side you need to cut out a bit of resin to make it more like a ladder.

It looked very neatly cast, so I presumed that’s how it’s supposed to be.  But looking at the games day pics the side things have a gap.

The red bit here


mines assembled slighly differntly,

part 1; the chassis with axles attached

part 2; the boiler with gauges, levers and whistle

parts3; the cannonades seperate as is the air pump

parts 4; the wheels and chains are all seperate

my one mishap has been the long handle on the airpump which broke and once glued is curved .

just colour schemes now spent a while looking at locomotives for reference, but after much thought will paint it in similar tones to my other war machines, anyone who has it the armour masterclass has some ideal tips and “recipies” for weathered and scorched metal



I was thinking that if the airpump handle had broken off on mine I would just drill and pin a pin in.

Did you attach the wheel hubs to yours? Not sure yet whether to have the star pattern lining up with the wheel or not.

How I’m painting mine (same principle for all my new CD actually), a very methodical approach:


Structural Iron - Used for structural parts of warmachines only.

Boltgun metal

Thin wash of black

Highlighted to mithril silver

Shaded to about 75%black 25% boltgun.  A lot more shading than highlighting.

Polished Iron - Used for armour, weapons, shields and other structural parts that I feel should be polished.

As above, but keep the shading down to a minimum.

Brass - Used for helmets and other areas that don’t need to be iron.  Also to break up areas that have too much iron.

Tin Bitz

Highlight to shining gold

Shining gold and mithril mix for extreme highlights

brown ink for shading.


Shining gold

brown ink

Shining gold higlight.

Shining gold and mithril mix for extreme highlights

I haven’t thought yet about weathering, as at the moment it’s looking quite nice without it.  I’m going to avoid using rust powders now I think.


nah i don’t think i’ll line the stars up on the wheels.

yup agree with you about the brass rod replacing the handle.

am going for lots of gray with a devlan mud wash on the boiler should look like my earthshaker barrel.


(about 2/3rds of the way down)

will do the riveted bands in black with boltgun rivets and then silver and brass on the rest of the workings.

the stars on the wheels will get the same treatment as my hellcannon wheels (no pictures yet). still trying to figure out some kind of base or movement tray but want to know how close the next carriage would need to get, am assuming it couples up to the tow hook.


Nice pictures and observations Grim, makes it a lot more clear for those of us who do not own one yet.





couple of observations with mine,

the boiler at the fire box end needed quite a bit of trimming to get it to sit snugly on the chassis.

as do two of the axles (there is a gap on the coal scuttle for the rear axle).

and the chains have warped slightly so may be best to glue them on before painting.

as a side note be prepared anyone who intends painting each individual rivet… theres thousands of them!

its a very enjoyable model to paint, its going to be intresting to see finished photos and the line between “too busy” or “too plain” is very close i’m worried about being too busy following my decision to paint before assembling.

the character in the crew is fantastic