[Archive] tips and observations in assembling the magma cannon


following on from grimstonefires thread,

first things first there is another telescope but its mounted on the cannon. not so keen on the crew on this one nicely done and loads of detail but the scale armour is in straight vertical line rather than slightly over lapping as in the iron demon which i prefer. all three of the crew seem to be a bit too pot bellied bot the gauntlets a really well done. sadly the “big hat” has a bionic eye which makes him look like a 40k orc! most bizzarly it does look kind of awkward with one set of wheels.

i’ve been lucky enough to own a few forge world models and i think my luck has deserted me for this one. on the axle piece both rings had broken in the bag but are easy to repair but in removing the axle from the sprue the two wheel spurs snapped clean off, again easy enough to repair but i am worried as to how strong the repair will be.

there are lots of awkward little bits of flash to remove and a lot of care is needed, glueing the frame together whilst easy enough you will need an extra pair of hands to hold the two sides the platform, the axle and the cannon barrel together so has all the relevent bits line up.

this one though looks a little more awkward to paint