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Uzkul Werit:

Yup, next week Gash Kadrak will march against the Wood Elves. Naturally I’ll post up some tips in the correct section later on. But this’ll be the second time playing them and the first time it’s been challenging (my last WE opponent charge three Glade Riders into a block of 25 Warriors).

His army is built around a small Scout unit, two Dryad blobs, some Glade Guard, two units of Glade Riders and a Lv 4 Mage. He doesn’t take many magic items as he regards them as a little lackluster. Any advice?

Lord Zarkov:

Magic heavy?

an decent magical defence with a few scrolls would stop him geting off some of the nastier wood elf spells, and prehaps consider the chalice, as that would give him an average of 2 dd agaisn’t what ever you have pd wise (6-8 after reduction?) allowing you to easily take out his units with long ranged spells, especially if you have the odd stone hidden around

Dryads die to infantry blocks, I’ve had them flank my Gits and still get a sound beating (got to love the power 5) let alone warriors.

Shakers and possible wolfriders should be able to deal with the Glade Guard

Hashut’s Blessing:

Use small units of BBs. Lots of weak shots=more dead elves than with a few strong shots. If necessary, use ES to slow them down. I’d say hordes of hobbos to grind them down, but you don’t like them, so smaller blocks of infantry. Several blocks but smaller means you have as many troops but can get multiple charges etc in and if not, he won’t be able to ignore them all and have three units charge one.


Fire Sorcerers do great against skirmishers like wood elves, loads of fireball spells with no to-hit rolls required, plus half the army is made from wood!


Yes I’ve had trouble with my own WE opponent of late. He strings out his two Glade Guard units in two long rows, and has a blob of Dryads, and a unit of Wardancers, along with a hero, and a wizard lvl 2. I just don’t know what to do against him, his missle fire is devastating!

Uzkul Werit:

What about a Great Taurus? Would he be worth taking against the Wood Elves?

Lord Zarkov:

probably not, they have high leadership and will just pincussion it

Uzkul Werit:

Would a Wizard Lord be a better choice? The shooting shouldn’t be too hard to deal with due to my pair of Earthshakers.


I would probably opt for magic heavy list.


Well you could hire some dogs of war oh lets say lumpin’s fighting cock’s bs4 and skirmishers caching.


You need a lot of hobbos to soak up that fire and tie down their skirmishers while your CDs close for the kill. You can use magic and shooting to great effect but KILL THOSE GLADE RIDERS!! Movement 18 fast cav are evil, especially when they’re as hard as elves (oh yes, elves are hard my friends). Avoid taking small units, just let the big blocks of infantry do thier work

Uzkul Werit:

I had the game and it when brilliantly. Earthshakers effectively rendered his Glade Guard useless. The only major deaths were that of a Blunderbuss unit. My Lord ended up falling off his mount and then chopped through eight Wardancers. The one thing I will keep my eye open for is Alter Kindred Heros. Little runt charged one of my Earthshakers … but then got wounded by a crewman! :smiley:

Hashut’s Blessing:

Glad to hear that it went so well, Uzkul. Those Blunderbusses obviously weren’t doing their job properly and deserved to fall :smiley: I hope you got the blubderbusses (as in the weapons) back though!

Uzkul Werit:

Eh. Something needed to act as Dryad bait. They managed to keep eight Dryads and the Altar Hero busy for two rounds of combat, bless 'em!


Wood Elves being an army of mine I could say a couple of things.

1. Their shooting isn’t that good. Their bows are only str3 at long range with t4 you don’t have much to worry about.

2. It is hard for WE to take on ranked units of any kind unless they get a combined charge off. I know in my army I have very few units that can actually remove a rank bonus so if you target their larger units like Treemen, Wild Riders and to some extent Glade Riders you can go into every combat with 5 static combat rez.

3. Wardancers are tough. With MR(1) they are not that great of a target for magic and they skirimish so shooting them is rough. I would suggest Blunderbuses for them but they are by far the most scary thing in the WE army.

4. Take magic. Like stated above fire magic can be pretty good but by no means great. Most WE list are focused around combat so they have little magic defense. I usually run 2 lvl 2s, and a Treeman ancient so I pack 5 DD and a scroll .

Thats all I can think of for now. I think Dwarfs in general should be good against WE since we have strong ranked units, with a good armor save that makes it very difficult for WE to crack you blocks.



I often take Branchwiaths in my WE army for the blanace between magic and combat


My opponents and i run WE with GG and waywatcher/wardancer combi and my CD have no problem wolfboyz and BCs to counter these with ES

help, the waywatchers and scouts are a pain so warmachines are protected by arrer boyz hard enough to cc the scouts.

black hammer of Hashut those trees:hashut

Uzkul Werit:

This Saturday I have 3000pts of Brets to take on. I for one, am not looking forward to dealing with 12 Grail Knights and two Fighty Bret Lords.

I’m completely stumped for ideas. Any help?


Go for the cheese and bring 10 hobbo BT you should be panicing somthing in the army your first and second turn(I assume he will pray) and then just bring lots of tough stuff and a lord on a taruse they work wonders on calvalry like once in a game he took out a unit of dragon princes but he was the only thing left then the elves got there revenge but meh moral victory.