[Archive] Tired of 8th? Remember the good old days?


Hey lads and lady’s,

How many of you are tired of the 8th meta and remember the good old days of 3rd? Wacky rules and Smaller themed armies is what comes to mind when i think back on early Warhammering.

A few like minded people have started a new forum and linked to a series of Blogs.

So if you fancy letting your nostalgia out for awhile, come join the lads on the B.L.O.O.D forum.


Your find a few friendly faces there already.




Hmm, might give it a try, never played 3rd ed. I started in 4th (not so good memories about that one).


Hmm, might give it a try, never played 3rd ed. I started in 4th (not so good memories about that one).

You should, at the very least you get to enjoy some old figures. Also started in early 4th ed myself, so i always felt like i missed out on something big with 3rd.

Kera foehunter:

Slayer armys and the Greatest battle of all time Storm of Chaos…

I also stated hard core playing 4th to the 5th

The 7th just sucked

Blue in VT:

Thanks to Chico for mentioning this…it’s a great forum with lots of interesting and knowledgable members…

3rd edition was the last in which role playing had a large influence…games were typically narrative based and more fun…no tournament style winning for winning sake alone…there was a story involved…often with a slightly twisted sense of humor (right up your alley Blog!) the games was not dominated by list making…games were often lopsided but more interesting.

Anyway…stop by and check it out if we have piqued your interst.




I will defiantly have a look around than, sounds promising.

Are the old rules on there somewhere or do need to find those somewhere else?

Blue in VT:

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I played my 1st games with the 3rd edition rules!

We (my friends and me) don’t played exactly by the rules but we had much fun! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

A good background story was much more important than the play lists - we don’t care about points, we used all models we owned! :cheers

After switching to the 4th edition the character of the games changed and for most people it was more important to win than to have fun! :expressionless:

All in all I can say that the old gaming times were much better - and I was so much younger … :frowning:



As many, started with the 4th…

Nevertheless, i always tried to play in the spririt of being a part of a good story, and i feel very disapointed by the “play to win with my unbeatable list” era …

I will give a look to this, and maybe look for some of the old rules …

Thanks for the link :slight_smile:


That sounds like where I should have started playing but I have never done any RPG before or any of the earlier ed’s of WFB or 40K. Early on when playing against my son, it made it so much more funner to add a story to what was happening.

our whole club has basically stopped playing either because of the succesion of newer rules sets, which basically means no games for me at all


Ahh…3rd edition. This is where I started (and ended). I remember those fond memories, many, many years ago. I had a very small dwarf army in 3rd edition, as well as that lovely hard-bound rulebook, with the addition of the ONE army book, which covered every army. My terrain was crap, and my painted minis were painted with nice shiney enamels. My dwarfs even had a wizard.

What a fun time, I think I will have to visit this site, and see what it is all about. Thanks for sharing it, and thanks to Blue, for also endorsing it. :slight_smile:

Da Crusha:

Personally I like 8th a lot better than previous editions. I started in 4th. I miss Ravening Hordes more though, and wish the tournament scene in my area still allowed it.


I loved 6th edition, I am a gobbo player by hart and 5th edition did not make that easy, 6th edition was great for me.

But I must say 8th is great to, I can play a solid all gobbo list and be scary on a tournament.

lets just say that 5th and 7th edition sucked and i’m looking forward to giving 3rd a try (:


3rd edition kicked major @ss. It was great because it tied back into WFRP and vice versa.


Well i hope to see everyone other there, its a small forum so needs as many members as it can. More members attracts even more members :slight_smile:




Same question as Bolg, since I started with 4th, too, where to get rules and armybook?

Sound quite interesting and suitable for me.


DAGabriel I’ll PM you.


If people are genuinely interested in the 3rd Edition of Warhammer (which it appears they are), have a look at this awesome blog http://realmofchaos80s.blogspot.com.au/, called Realm of Chaos. It is full of really nice 3rd edition material, including painting, minis, rules, WD articles and more. This blog is NOT MINE, but it is one of my favorites. - Enjoy.

Kera foehunter:

Kera Snickers

Come on you OLD GUYS!!

You act like you no longer fit in… ** Kera does an old guy Voice***Back in my day  the 3rd addion

the sun never set and women throw themselves at you …you never seen or heard of Elves Player. Gw would give you your army free

Yep throws where the days


3rd edition…

I have fond memories of this edition. White Dwarf issue #107 was the first time that I got into actualy playing the game, instead of just collecting the miniatures.

Illusionary Army, multiple units would appear before the battle even started, and the enemy would kill them all, while your real army remained intact.

Invisibility, your unit started the game invisible!

I think the spell was called total power, it added +1 or +2 to every stat on the wizard. It was great!!

Free Hacks!! if the enemy ran away, you would hack on them as they ran away, instead of the unit disappearing like today.