[Archive] titan parts


Hey guys,

So i saw a box of warhammer figures for sale and these were literally on the top of the box. So i bought the whole box hoping the rest would be found…

No luck.

Anyway, i would like to know if Forge World sells “bitz” so i can finish this titan?

If not, is there a market for these parts?


From what I know FW only sells kits, and not individual pieces or bits. You may be able to get the rest of the pieces on ebay, or find someone with the remaining pieces.


Thanks for the info. If anyone that’s good with conversions wants to send me an offer before i put these parts on Ebay, send me a PM.


The arms are sold separately, which gets you a little closer.

You’re basically missing all of the leg armour, the waist/hips/armour, the “head”, the “power source/vents”…

Yeah, ebay is your best bet, or holding onto the pieces to trade somebody. Hell, you could even make some really incredible terrain with it.


Yes they would be the world’s coolest crashed titan terrain


Thanks guys. I was thinking terrain, but since I’m a student I might try selling it first. Especially since i will be putting up all my 40k stuff for sale as I have come to the realization that I will never get around to painting it :slight_smile:


thats a shame eh? means somewhere out there is the other half!

oddly theres bits there I could use, namely the pistons on the shins, my own 'hound is missing them (damn tricksy internet seller. If theres anyway of getting them off I’d take them off your hands.


if i cannot sell these parts whole, i will let you know about the pistons


I’d be interested in the shoulders and hull section… though I don’t really know what’s a fair price. Let me know if you decide to split it up.


I'd be interested in the shoulders and hull section... though I don't really know what's a fair price. Let me know if you decide to split it up.

PM sent