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Should CDO follow the lead of Hand of Hashut and ally with the Orcs? There are many advantages of doing so; the Orcs are a main faction, and their main forum Da Warpath has promised to mention CDs alot in their fluff for the campaign, thus pushing us to the fore a bit more. As we cannot register a faction of our own, we will have to ally with someone and the orcs seem to make sense. On the other hand, we could ally with another race - the Ogres, Chaos, Dark Elves and Skaven are all posibilities. This would mean that there were two races which were posting CD fluff on their sites. Druchii.net is a prime example of a well organised site that GW certainly pay attention to (the even got a credit for the Dark Elf Update!) Of course, some will want to register as one of their other armies and just place any CD results under this faction. I’ve put up a poll to canvass opinion on this subject. Please vote so that we are as representative as possible of site users


I voted for us to be allied with orc because they are usally

included in are armys.


I’m glad we’re having a vote over here on this.��

I think its in our best interest to go with the orcs here as well.��Strength in ‘numbers’.

So lets sort this out.

Btw the Ogre Stronghold have allied to Dwarfs already, so if we are to register as Ogres officially it would have to be another forum.


Hey guys!

Im Arfa, one of the staff over on Da Warpath and also the leader for the Australasian sector for the Nemisis Campaign. Ive been talking with GrimstoneFire for a while over on Da Paff in regards to the Hand of Hashut and Im really happy how that’s turned out, and I can say for all involved that we would defiantely like you guys on our side for the campaign. Being an avid converter and fluff writer I am really happy with the alliance in general as it gives everyone a great chance to make some cool conversions and such. Ive already got a unit of three Ironback Cav Black Orcs just because I can and Ive got a few more things planned also. Anyway considering your bretheren over on the Hand have joined it would make sense in my eyes if you came over too. We are taking this campaign very seriously and we have a fair few inside contacts for the forum, so we run our fluff through a couple of officials first to see if its the kindve thing that they would publish, so weve got a pretty good chance of making an impact not only for us but for you guys too. We wont let GW make Chaos Dwarves go the way of the Squats!

Arfa da Grate


I voted to folow in the HoH footsteps, we are such a small comunity that in my opinion we need to show a united front or else risk being ignored


We’re better off allying with the O&G’s with THoH, us CDs have to stick together!

The Raven:

Ally with the Orcs, if HoH is going that path we should do that to. ‘Stick together’ no?


As, I have said elsewhere, I feel the Orc alliance is the best way forwards. Besides, aren’t most of us here also members of HoH?


Well, it seems a lot of people have already come down in favour of allying with the Orcs. I think this is probablly the best way to come down. These “Ironback Cavalry Blorcs” sound prety cool, I may have to try making some. Grim can now act as ambassador for both HoH and CDO. A - hopefully - momentous 100th post :cheers


If we do decide to ally with Orcs here as well (and it looks like we will), I will put up the ‘fluff objectives’ I’ve written for feedback.

We may not be able to hope for much, but we have to have objectives nonetheless.


I agree with the orcs. Best way to go. And we should also stick together in our forums for our army choice of ally. CD need to stick together on this. besides, it is really fluffy, awww.


How long to leave this to decide? IMO its as clear now as its ever going to be.

The Flying Beaver:

If we join the Chaos Star (a club of the best chaos forums which represent mortals, beastmen, daemons and us), it’d only make sense for us to join with our sister sites- so Chaos rather than Orcs & Goblins. I’ll save my vote for later.

Hashut’s Blessing:

I voted for O&G because that’s what I shall be doiung. I have explained why on HoH I bleieve and the others here have mentioned most if not all of my reasons…


Fluffwise, it probably makes the most sense for us to be fighting alongside Greenskins.

The important thing is that Chaos Dwarfs take part in the campaign in some capacity so that GW can see that there is still interest out there.


I think we should conclude this poll here, as its as clear as its gonna be.

@ TFB could you send me a link to the Chaos Star, I have a load of cahaos armies but have struggled to find a decent site.


As one poll ends, another question.��What do people think here of a second alliance with Dark Elves?��This would either be a smaller role than Orcs (as we register as greenskins anyway), or a very small alliance (i.e. helping them with a couple of very specific fluff objectives).

It means yet more attention fluffwise, which can only be a good thing IMO.


If you’re suggesting what you think I’m suggesting, then we would be attacking a certain objective alongside the dark elves at a certain point in the campaign, giving them our support in return for mention in their fluff. I like this idea, maybe yo should post a poll on it

Uzkul Werit:

I’m all for a little alliance with the Druchii, aslong as the Orcs don’t mind. From what my spies have told me they’ll be mostly in the Draken Downs to get dragon eggs.

Lord Zarkov:

I think a DE alliance could bve good as well, as long as it isn’t detrimental to the Orc one