[Archive] To big hat or not to big hat that is the question


Hello all here on CD,

First post and probably the most important one regarding my future choices with chaos dwarfs.

The question:

If GW decide to rerelease CD’s which direction do you think they will go? With the traditional tiny chaos warrior look, the big hat look, the hellcannon crew look, or perhaps something completely different.

The reason this is important to me is that I intend to make an army based around a look which will hopefully blend into any new models they release in the future.

I’d be interested to hear any views and opinions people have on this.

*if this topic has been done then I appologise.

Cheers in advance,



if this topic has been done then I appologise.
It has been done before many times :) Hat vs Mask is the age-old debate here on CDO. Personally I don't see how there is even a debate, Masks clearly rule ;)

I would suspect that, GW being the spineless corporates that they are, will likely employ a mix of hat and mask were they to redo CDs. Had they redone them during 6th, I think Masks would have been the look, however their current trend of going back to 5th for inspiration would mean that absurd Hats could make a return. But obviously we don't know for sure, and nor do GW imo. Who knows, they might even go for the mini-WoC look, though I doubt it as they would want to differentiate WoC and CDs.

I have no idea how to set up a poll. I can barely make a post :)


Pffft everyone knows helms, ala the marauder mini range rules! Twice on Saturday, thrice on Sundays.


This is ridiculous.  What are we even doing here. The Hat is where it�?Ts at :hat off

I mean really. Clearly a hat can be worn with a mask, no problem. All those helm guys just have hat envy because ours is bigger than theirs.  Without our high hats how would we measure up to the other races?


Thommy H:

It actually doesn’t matter at all.

Ishkur Cinderhat:

Ach yet another hat vs mask thread!

…but I voted anyhow. :wink:


I think they’d dip their toe into doing at least one of each sort.

These sorts of threads are probably good to redo every once in a while, it would be rather unfair on newer members if we didn’t let them have their say because it had been done two years before, and the direction of the wind is always changing…


I’m guessing masks with the occasional fashionably tall hat for characters, maybe unit champs.

Forge World are doing them, and they are definitely not hat fans in general. :wink:

As Thommy says though, unless you are really bothered by making something close to what you think FW will do, it doesn’t really matter.  Unless someone on here is psychic, nobody will have an army that matches GW’s completely (presuming there are concept models around already).


I hope for Big Hats! Even a restyle, or at least a mix. Hashut’s BerZerkers could wear masks but wizards must have Big Hats!

(Big Hats song)

We are Old,

We are Strong!

We aren’t looking for where we belong!

We are Cool! We are free!

And We run with Blood on our AXES!!!

We MUST rule the world

On a silver platter

From the wrong to the right light

To a LAVA stream

With a crash and burn

We could make it Worst (for you)

Turn it upside down

Just You and me

(cit. MIKA)

Anyway what i’m really wishing for the future is a box with plastic Hobgoblins…they are so cool among Greenskins I think I could buy ZZZZZZzzzzzounds of them to GW:D


Without our high hats how would we measure up to the other races?

why would we have to?
we are way better!
we don't have to "measure up", we are way taller when it comes to inportant things like killing, making deamonic machines and enslaving.
and those are the most inportant things, aren't they?
i think(hope(pray)) gw thinks the same way as i do, because that would make for an awesome MASK army!:D


Helms preferred, Hellcannon crew style works just as well.

Hats as optional bits for sorcerers (being plastic kits ala the Empire wizards).


I used once upon a time be big hats fan, Indeed my old chaos dwarf army was full of hat wearing spaced chaos dwarf crazies, Well no more ! Hat vs Mask is the age-old debate here. Personally I don’t see how there is even a debate, Masks clearly rule now some place high I look down on my Dawi Zhar in all there new masked goodness and see a awesome looking army.


Thanks to everyone for the replies!

The poll results seem to indicate that the hellcannon look might be the way to go.

The thing with starting a chaos dwarf army and not having any of the models is that there is a huge amount of modelling work involved. Luckily that’s the part of the hobby I enjoy the most, it is just a little difficult to pick a theme.

I think I’ll wait another day or so before I dust off the old tools, just to see if anything changes in the poll.

Again thanks for the replies and sorry for asking something that has probably been asked a hundred times before.


I am a HUGE fan of the big hats, and as much as id like GW to make more of them. If any new figs are put out they probly be on the lines of the hell-cannon crew. so thats wot i voted for.


Personally I don't see how there is even a debate, Masks clearly rule now some place high I look down on my Dawi Zhar in all there new masked goodness and see a awesome looking army.



Hats. What is more classy than a man’s hat to cover his head?


Hats. What is more classy than a man's hat to cover his head?

a MASK ofcourse!


I think every one knows which camp i am in for this, big hats all the way :hat:hat off


I personally consider hats as more of a sign of rank (i.e. the bigger the hat, the higher your rank) thus:

Lord level wizards get the biggest hats

Hero level wizards I would possibly not allow a hat (and consider them in the service of the bigger wizard)

Awesomely hardcore combat units/heroes/lords get either big hats or big hat-esque helms.

Weapon crews get masks as per hellcannon, and other Chaos Dwarves get either helmets or masks.


Better to know if indeed they are going to renew the Chaos Dwarfs and when. :frowning: