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As banal as it may seem, the wish to start this army began with the new pics on the WarhammerForge site and was fueled by the Tamurkhan book. And i wanted to make an army nobody near me is playing.

I started with collecting infos, pics and fluff connected with the Chaos Dwarfs and with joining this forum.

Regarding models i started with ordering the Games Day Hellsmith, a Hellcannon, InfernalGuard and the three new heroes. In addition i traded some dozen Hobgoblins and some Big Hats.

Now i am sitting in front of a pile of minis and slowly i prepare to paint them - and to present them to you.

At first it will be more of a collection than a functioning army but in time i hope it will grow.


12.25.11 Start of project and selection of the first models.
12.27.11 Found a Hellsmith on warseer (thx Grimstonefire)
01.04.12 joined CDO
01.27.12 Decided on something special for army general (wait and see)
01.29.12 Traded about 50 HobGobs and Bighats against some no longer needed Space Marines.
03.04.12 Hobgoblin WIPs online
04.18.12 first pics of the Sorcerer-Prophet
05.06.12 Hellsmith online, found some original shields for MM90s
07.06. got a package from clam!!!
08.07.12 The package with the army of Khaosbeardling arrived
10.01.12 The K`daii fireborn go online
10.10.12 managed to get my hand on Obsidians 3rd ed. army
10.19.12 Kids presented me with a Death Shrieker Rocket for BDay
11.10.12 ebayed the DL2 Hobgoblin Set
11.13.12 bought Stunty Sven to complete the C16 range
12.09.12 completed the MM90s!
12.12.12 won the Golden Hat!
02.07.13 managed to get hold of a Kludge
04.07.13 finished painting the MM90s set.
04.22.13 finished the DL2 set
2014      fighting with RL
01.07.15 Got my last regular 3rd ed. CD
05.04.15 Gheez, won me a silver hat!
04.29.15 Finished painting that D3-set
07.04.15 finished that C16-set


The Tower of Zarr Dareis

Zarr Dareis is a big mining town dedicated to Hashut by the Chaos Dwarfs about 120 years ago. It is neither the biggest nor the wealthiest mining town, but its mines produce a rare ore coveted and needed in the dark rituals used to bind daemonic essence into the war machines of the Dawi Zarr.

Zarr Dareis is dominated by the horned Tower overlooking the tents of the slaves and the houses of its inhabitants. This Tower is the home of Htharikk Darkheart, Sorceror-Prophet and cruel master of Zarr Dareis.

Since Zarr Dareis is often the aim of Orc raiders it houses a strong detachment of Infernal Guard as well as some hobgoblin slave troops. These can be reinforced by the war machines constantly built in the deep halls of the tower.

To keep up the high output of war machines, the Dawi Zarr need a constant inflow of new slaves.

These are bought or acquired on slave hunts. The Dawi Zarr take any race for slaves but only hobgoblins get a chance to escape the neverending toils and make

an (usually very short) career in the army.

Ambassadors from foreign realms:

Blue in VT

Kera`s female Bighat


In the future here you will see a pic of the ever growing army:

and of the latest additions:


Here my new search list, and a list of doubles for trade (red are those I am trading for just now):

Bull Centaurs:



Have the following for trade/to sell :
Anthor Axebreath, Azakil Bonecruncher

Jabbertooth Eyesplinter (without slotta), Hairy Hengist Horse-Eater

Others: some Bazooka Teams



Sorcerer-Prophet Post#41, #52
Hellsmith Post#67
Infernal Guard Post#78
K´daii Fireborn post#156

IG Standardbearer post #386, Musician post #391, Champion post #393

Hellcannon post#88, Magma Cannon Post #194, Deathshrieker post #420


Daemonsmith post#176
Sorcerer post #287
Hobgob Boltthrower post#101
Hobgob Kitchen Crew post #236
Hobgob Khan on wolf post #287
Wolfrider Standard bearer post #459
Hobgob Champ, Musician and St.bearer post #461
Hobgob Archer 1-8 post #471

1a post #202, 1b post #202, 1c post #211, 1d post #256
2a post #251, 2b post #256, 2c post #258, 2d post #290
3a post #300, 3b post #138, 3c& d post #371
4a post #305, 4b post #308, 4c post #310, 4d post #311
5a post #313, 5b post #319, 5c post #323, 5d post #319
6a post #323, 6b post#138, 6c #323, 6d post #323


Pulper Spikehead post#138
Mad Marik Trollbiter post#147
Master of Madness post #226
Foaming Mad Furrikson post #228
Drum&Drone Ulsen post#108

War machines

Swivel Gun post#112
Bazooka-Team post #398


Stunty Sven post #297
Hairy Hengist Horseeater post#178


Naurthang Blacksoul post#174, Khardang Bloodsucker post #230, Zelazad Hornhead post #374, Radblast the Reaver post#162, Durgal Deathdealer post #374, Origol the Horrible post#178, Kirgund Widowmaker Post #374, Carazad Spiketail, Barin Aardnose post#189, Status Wastehead post #459, Jezreel Ironhand, Axehead One-Eye post#165, Kaaos Armahand post#159, Azakil Bonecruncher post #233, Slayer Maskface #439

Converted Blunderbusses post #455

Kludge post #371
Beastmaster post #228
Ninja post #297
DL2 Hobgoblins:
Hobhound and Discipline Master post #248, Samurai and Shaman post #271, Berserker and Assassin post #288, Champion und Warrior w.spear post #313, Hound Master post #345, Samurai, Warrior with Naginata and Standardbearer post #355
Mighty Throg and his Hobgoblin Despoilers of the Dark Lands post #283
Hobgoblin Rocket Thrower #280
Ugezods Death Commandos:
Giant, Berzerker & Mutant post #376, Warrior, Shaman and Mighty Ugezod post #381, Goblin Hero post #402, Potbelly post #408
Eeza Ugezods Mother Crushers:</strong><br>Standardbearer post <a href="http://www.chaos-dwarfs.com/forum/showthread.php?tid=10589&amp;pid=217398#pid217398">#336</a><br>Champion post <a href="http://www.chaos-dwarfs.com/forum/showthread.php?tid=10589&amp;pid=218898#pid218898">#349</a>, Musician post <a href="http://www.chaos-dwarfs.com/forum/showthread.php?tid=10589&amp;pid=219200#pid219200">#362</a><br>Trooper post <a href="http://www.chaos-dwarfs.com/forum/showthread.php?tid=10589&amp;pid=220966#pid220966">#403</a><br><strong>MM27 Giant black Orcs</strong> post <a href="http://www.chaos-dwarfs.com/forum/showthread.php?tid=10589&amp;pid=218493#pid218493">#347</a><br><br><strong>Alternatives</strong><br><br>Yros Daemonsmith post#176
Dronzak Bannerfist post #202
Johan post #202
Blues musician post <a href="http://www.chaos-dwarfs.com/forum/showthread.php?tid=10589&amp;pid=207157#pid207157">#220</a><br>Keras Bighat Championess post #287
3rd ed Standardbearer post #351
Reaper Bones Dwarf post #342
Leonato post #427
Magma Cannon post #444


Hobgob Village post#115


Here a small collection of links I found useful and inspiring:

3rd ed Shield design




That is actually a very smart blog layout. Looking forward to see your progress!

[align=center]2017 Image Salvage



Nice blog layour, very keen.

Eager to see your models painted!


2DAgabriel Nice blog layout. Did you already choose the color scheme?


Not really, as written i am back to painting school right now.

My first test was shading and my teachers said “no color, only black and white painting!”, so here is my first try.

You may smile, but it is harder than it sounds!


Interesting! You could save this technique for sorcerers turned into stone!


Shading is rather good! Quite subtle, which is nice.

Like Bassman said, good technique for sorcerers that have turned to stone.


Looks like a good way to lay out an army blog, keeps all the finished stuff at the beginning and leaves the comments from people at the end. Looks forward to seeing in progress.


Looks good!

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Excellent idea! I’ve been thinking for the past year that I wish the first page of my blog was better laid out. Guess I could still make some major edits to my first posting with pointers to things… but this is much better!



way to go, an interesting and original start and another member who has beaten me of the starting (blog) blocks.


I have to confess that the concept is not my idea. A big german forum expects this structure for it`s army blogs and since i will also post there it is easier for me to use it here, too.

15:40 Here the verdict to the black and white hobgoblin:

"Not bad but not best.

Try to get another one, but this time create “dramatic” shadows in place of soft ones you got,

especially on the face try to get all the details.  

- similary as you would do on 2D painting - but on 3d.

Besides try to watch over details like fingers , tooths - try to make them look good and stand out - only by those monochrome colors.

^-^ - not easy but if you got this right all later painting with colors will be easy as you will already know how to create shadows/light and make things “pop” out of sculpt."

So i prepared and primed the next one. Watch out!


Heh, I stay wait for your next work :slight_smile: I also found some hobs and will be paint one of them soon.