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I was taking some photos of my hobgoblins for another user and I thought that you all might be interested in seeing them. This is the next project afer I’ve worked through my current project (40k - I apologise!). I’ve got a few bits that at least I’ve not seen often - the bolt throwers, the archers and the wolf archers.

I’ve got at least this many of the 90’s Dwarfs too. I’ll post some photos of them tomorrow. The Biostrip also comes tomorrow so we can get rid of all this paint and back to nice shiny metal. Good stuff.

Seeing all the Hobbos ranked up like this is almost enough to make me want to dig out the Orcs and Goblins army book and write a gobbo list

-Blasphemy, to the slave pit with him!-

60 Sneaky Gits incl full command. Two lots of 10 wolf riders with full command and the lord. 4 bolt throwers with crew. 20 Hobbos with axes. 6 Hobbo Bowmen. 6 Hobbo wolf riders with bows. 1 extra crew.

Cheers, Joe.


Nice man! Look great all ranked up . Thats a huge Sneaky gits unit! :idea


Every army should start with more troops than machines. Its great seeing that many 4th ed’ hobgoblins together


Awesome amount of gits, wolfraiders with axes and boltthrowers.

If you get 4 more Wolfraiders with bows (for 2 units of 5) try getting some different poses.

Getting all of this painted will be an insane amount of work xD

Fuggit Khan:

Lovely! It brings tears of joy to this old Hobgoblin to see so many vintage Hobbo models all together in one army.

And what an incredibly impressive Sneaky Git mob you have!



Nice collection of hobgoblins there. Will it be supplemented by some chaos dwarf masters?


Yeah, you should take the opportunity to run some counts-as O&G army lists with your Hobgobbos. Nice and massive Hobgoblin collection! :slight_smile:

Time of Madness:

It is too bad hobgoblins with hand weapons and extra hand weapons are not as useful as the bow armed ones. Who knows maybe 9th edition will change the weapon rules again.

Time of Madness