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A quick review of the Chaos Dwarf related content from RobC on Warseer. It must be noted that this was written by an eccentric Imperial Scholar, rather than from a God’s-Eye-View.

Three pages of text, one illustration (which presumably shows the CD hellcannon crew - not very Assyrian at all).

The background suggests that they are the descendents of those dwarfs who were more adventurous with runic magic, pushing north and east in search of new sources of precious metals and gems. They founded Karak Vlag and scoured the northern Dark Lands for raw materials.

At some unspecified period of time the warp gate swelled and pushed the Tong (I’m not making this up) tribe south. So humans were around when the Chaos Dwarfs were created? How recent was this, then?!

The Tong threatened to wipe the Chaos Dwarfs out. No help came from their southern brethren, so they had to rely on their runesmiths who sent out a cry of help into the warp - which was answered by Hashut.

Karak Vlag had long since vanished by the time the dwarfs managed to make their way back to the stronghold. They allied/enslaved various greenskin tribes, did the whole black orc creation thing, got betrayed, used the hobgobs to win the day, etc etc.

Rules-wise, there is a table for generating chaos dwarf characters (same stats of normal dwarfs but different skills, career table and chance of mutation). There are also careers for chaos dwarf sorcerers (4 levels) and chaos engineers.

So, not that different from the known background, then. Stylistically, we know little - and this may well be intentional. I’m frankly not impressed by the idea that a bunch of marauders were responsible for their downfall, but other than that it seems serviceable as a taster for a future expansion of Chaos Dwarfs and as a placeholder. The little swines still exist!



I think I am going to look into purchasing this book. Hehe. I am a whore for CD fluff…

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I’m just a whore. Oops. I’ll look into getting the book myself. What sort of book is it?


I'm just a whore. Oops. I'll look into getting the book myself. What sort of book is it?

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It's a Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay book, so it includes various stats and the like that probably won't be of any use unless you roleplay, but includes mostly fluff-stuff that any fluff-buff will find interesting-enuff.
Chaos Dwarf related stuff include stats and fluff for the Lammasu, Taurus, and Bull Centaurs, alongside the apparent origin fluff posted above.

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Is it one of the ones for the second version? I SO need to get this book. It has stats for Lammasu (what’s the plural?), Taurus’ and Bull Centaurs? SWEET! How much and where from?


Hmph. If anything DID bring the downfall of the dwarfs, I’d like to see something a little more meaty than humans. Maybe Daemons or Ogres.


Is it one of the ones for the second version?

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yeah, it's one of the expansion books for WFRP 2nd edition. I don't own it yet, but I own several of the others and they are all very high quality productions. I think I may have to buy Tome of Corruption...