[Archive] Tooting my own horn!


I reached 500 posts within 1 year of joining the site!

Here’s why it means so much to me.

1. I joined this site to support Xander, who loves this hobby. I didn’t. I actually couldn’t stand it and many fights broke out over it. But I finally accepted it and joined the site to show such. Along the way I’ve made many good friends and enjoy the comradery of everyone here on a regular basis.

2. I know nothing about the actual game of Warhammer. I don’t know the rules, I don’t know the models (very well, but I’m getting better!), I don’t know tactics, etc. You get the picture. I achieved these 500 posts by becoming involved in your projects and offering an objective opinion on things when asked, introducing new people, as this is all I can offer. I can’t really spam the site, and my contributions to Off-Topic Discussion don’t count towards my post count. I reached 500 as a result of all of you!

3. Essentially this whole endeavour has been a learning experience for me. And you’ve all helped and been supportive. I love learning and expanding my knowledge of topics and interests and hobbies. And after all my reluctance (see #1) I do love this hobby, if for no other reason than I want to be a better painter, and enjoy others’ paint jobs.

So thanks to everyone… in about 1 more year, you should see a 1,000 post thread from me, as I change my title to ‘Ultimate CDO Shoe Goddess’, or some equivalent.





Congratulations Sojourn!

Just another reason why this site kicks so much butt!

I also think Sojourn should be commended for her tireless and often thankless work on the Word of Hashut.

CDO is all about community and the spirit that is here is top notch.


Pretty impressive stuff for a non-gamer! Sojourn has the 26th most posts on the whole forum!

Well done!


Sojourn, I think you forgot nr…

4. to know enough to take over and rule the forum as a Shoed Goddes of War(hammer).

Handy link for extremely obscure reference


Congratulations from an ex-tabletop gamer and a part-time painter!

I can imagine your development - deep respect … :hat off

I hope you will go on and will furthermore enrich CDO und al of us users!


Kera foehunter:

Well that cool 500 post !! Yea!!! *hug * can’t wait to see your 1000 post

where have a great big party then !!!



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Hashut’s Blessing:

W00t! for 500! I still plan to teach you the rules when you’re online more frequently ^^


Ahh, 500 posts… I remember when I reached 500 posts. Oh the fanfare, the parades, the partying… How the bands played… I remember it like it was almost last week! HMPH!

Tarrakk Blackhand:

Glad that you have come aboard! The fourms wouldn’t be the same without you.


Honk Honk… Honk Honk… Gratz


Impressive toot away tootsie :hat off

That must have cost Xander alot of shoes:D


Glad that you have come aboard! The fourms wouldn't be the same without you.

Tarrakk Blackhand
awwww *heart melts* thank you Tarrakk. *blush* :)

GRNDL, you and I are like partners in crime. lol (congrats on your 500 too ;))

Hashut’s Blessing:

Partners in cake-grime?


The only thing she loves more than shoes is cake!


I also appreciate you on this site Sojourn.  You definately make this site a better place.   It is awesome that you went to such great lengths for Xander.  He’s a lucky guy.  The fact that you are not a hardcore gamer but appreciate the hobby is a plus for me.  

I also get sick of the gaming part of the hobby.  Games are fun but too many players play like they are in tournaments when they are not.  While I do enjoy playing tourney style games, I equate warhammer to monopoly and cuthroat aquisitions of park place get old really quick.  There are only so many times that you can triple stamp a double stamp before you want to choke somebody. The hobby stuff is more what I’m into. I never get tired of painting and making things.