[Archive] Top 5 moments! (while playing with Chaos Dwarfs)


I was thinking about the battles I played with my Chaos Dwarfs and thought fondly of some great moments that happened.

Thought I’d share and would love to hear your greatest moments!

Counting down:


Pinned down!

A Bretonnian player had bragged about three weeks long that he would beat my evil Stunties. Finally we had the time and of course I was highly motivated!

Prior to the battle he asked what my earthshaker did and answered simply: It kills!

He lined up his army and to my liking lined up his three price regiments of Knights next to each other in the middle! I got first turn and showed him what my beloved Earthshaker exactly did! (with the help of his Death Rocker mates!)

Let’s just say that by the time his forces arrived there was not much left to do the fighting! Hashut himself had blessed me that day with dead on spot accuracy and non failing scatterdice.

The guy afterwards had a whole new healthy respect for Chaos Dwarfs!:cheers


The mad Sorcerer!

During a battle against Greenskins I magically transported my Sorcerer in between some mobs of Night gobbos causing the Fanatics to come out randomly!

They wreaked havoc amongst the Greenskin battleline on unparalled scale! The Sorcerer even survived the ensuing opponents combat turn holding off an Orc Shaman and teleporting back to the safety of the Chaos Dwarf lines in my next magic phase!:cheers


Line of fire.

I knew I was going to play a game against an all Gobbo army and decided that an extra regiment of Blunder Busses might come in handy.

During the game I made some miscalculated moves letting the two regiments move too far ahead from the rest. I decided to do a re-form and suddenly had a line of fire thirty six Blunder Bussiers wide, thinking the strenght 3 would be enough for the toughness 3 Gobbos!

And boy was it fun! He walked right into the trap and the blast that ensued was probably something alike to the first few minutes of New Years Eve fireworks! When the smoke cleared the only thing left were dying Gobbos and a lot of Greenskin blood!

Definitly a key moment which won me the battle!:cheers


Lone warrior.

In the first turn of the game against the Empire, my Bull Centaur regiment suffered greatly! (pesky Empire mortars!) The only model left was my Bull Centaur Hero. But he would emerge as the man of the match!

He accounted for two enemy characters, a small unit of pistoliers and the crew of the same Mortar that wiped out his regiment out early in the game.

Talk about sweet revenge!:cheers

And my number one moment!


Grimgor who?!

I would be playing Greenskins again (a lot of mates with Greenskins!) and my mate asked me if he could field Grimgor. Never the one to say no I said sure!

And so, Grimgor and his ladz came storming across the battlefield, right in front of my Blunder Bussers!

You can guess where this is going right?! I had two turns to unload and by the time they clashed about twelve Black Orcs plus grimgor had survived.

In the ensuing combat my Chaos Dwarfs suffered three casualties (only one by Grimgor! Okay, I’ll admist he rolled véééry poorly hahaha) and dished out out an amazing four kills themselves! Two by the Champion and two by regular Blunders, he lost by two and promptly failed his leadership test!

Rolling an amazing four for distance my boys, inspired by their already heroic feats, spontaneously rolled double six and overran what was left of Grimgor and the remaining Black Orcs.

I couldn’t resist a taunt of course and said:

Maybe you made a mistake and took Grimgor’s sister!  :cheers

So, what where your most memorable moments while playing with Chaos Dwarfs?!

Ancient History:

Destroyed Malekith’s Armour of Midnight with the Obsidian Blade. :D. Of course, that didn’t kill him…or his dragon…and I ultimately lost the battle…but the look on my opponent’s face was priceless as the Witch King decided to spend the rest of the battle behind the lines, spewing sorcerous death from afar like the pansy elf he is.


Taking out a unit of Grail Knights with last ditch, point blank death rocket shot! It was amazing…We tied but it was totally worth it!


Skewered Morathi’s pegasus with a single shot from a BT. A second BT knocked a wound off her and she charged into combat to avoid being hit. She fled, but wasn’t run down and got killed by a final bolt in the face.


killed 12 imperial orderly (?) knights with one single shot of 15 blunderbusses :cheers


Top 5? well, top 5 best moment is a bull centaur HERO with a great weapon killing Archeon…thats right, I said Archeon! But I still lost that war. Badly.

Top 5 worst moment would be my hellcannon misfiring on the first turn and rolling a 1. It singlehandedly destroyed half my army before the orcs made it to what was left of my lines.


  1. The look on an opponent’s face when your heroes have Leadership ten

    4. Trampling the foe with your boar centaurs

    3. The screams of your defeated enemies ass their warriors are hauled off as slaves

    2. The blunderbuss-hobbo offside trap

    1. Six happy words: Earthshaker, four bolt throwers. Lance formations


I only have a top 4

4. my CD warriors running down EVERYTHING (i even ran down cavilry)

3. earth shaker stoping dwarf warmachines (he cept them to close together)

2. 5 bull centaurs takeing out 5 CHOSEN chaos knights.

1. My hobbo hero taking out a treeman ancient BY HIMSELF (yay black hammer)


The look on my opponent’s face when I showed him the rules for The Black Hammer of Hashut shortly before my lord smacked his flammable Tomb King on the head.


Black Hammer FTW!


still havn’t played with my CD, don’t have a real army yet


Take down two dryads units, a tree kin unit and a treeman with the black hammer.

Wipping out the rest of the WE army with BC and Astragoth.

Kera foehunter:

haven’t played my cd yet. havn’t painted them all yet eather


I know that, in 3 battles, what my worst moment has been so far. Not enough to have 5 best or worst.

The worst moment I have had was when I was fighting a VC player, Vamp lord had Red Fury and The Bears Anger cast upon himself. After tearing through several units, he alone stood before 3 sorcerers who proceeded to light him up with fireballs, and he got hit atleast 25 times. (Good rolls for fireball and 2 of the Firey Blast). For every armor save he failed, he passed his ward save.

His 5+ ward save.

He then got hit by 2 bolt throwers.

He passed his 5+ ward saves. Again.

His lord did not suffer a single wound the entire battle.


@Kera and Furrie: Better get cracking then! :wink:

Cool moments guys, keep 'em coming!


I will play my first battle with CD next week, if everything goes as plannend


So far only got the one game in with my Chaos Dwarfs but it was a cracker!

My unit of 5 Bull Centaurs got smacked around by dwarf artillery untill there was ONE left somehow he passed panic test and I got a charge into a flame cannon and killed and over-run the crew which put me in a nice spot behind a unit of 20 quarrelers in 2 ranks that did not turn around to face him in the opponents turn and so the lone bull centaur decided to avenge his fallen comrades and charged them in the rear and being a champion caused 3 to drop!

Dwarfs don’t get a hit back and lose combat by 4 (they had no command!!) and break… Bull centaurs are a bit faster than Quarellers :slight_smile:


I should be getting my first game in with the CDs in June against Woodies of all things. Treeman, black hammer, black hammer, Treeman.


So obviously you’re planning to outmanouvre them then Wilmark?


@AGPO: lol :cheers:

Willmark, I just re-read all the White Dwarfs containing battlereports with Chaos Dwarfs and one of them was against Wood Elves. They beat the crap out of them so that’s reassuring, even though it was done with 4th edition rules!