[Archive] Topic of the Month for CDR #6

Hashut’s Blessing:

This month’s topic of the month is Video tutorials!

Things to get the ball rolling:

What video guides are there that you know of? Which have inspired you, if any? What would you like to see guides of in future? What are the pros and cons?


The video guides that I know of and have heavily inspired me thus far have been Xander’s BFSP series and Mold making videos.

Guides that I would prefer to see in the future… prehaps a guide of how to best sculpt a CD that would use the torso/back end from the dwarf sprues. And converting up a bull centaur from a horse.

Pros for the videos are without a doubt the ease of understanding the technique. Especially ones where little changes occur that make still photos and words can fall short.

Cons… Sometimes on videos things can happen so quickly or be obscured by a bad camera angle, an errant finger or tool. Or occur in an area that was edited for length, or bad quality. Similarly too much stimuli in the form of messy work areas in the videos, or people who don’t speak clearly can cause one to miss vital and good information. One other major con being if you are trying to ‘follow along at home’ you have to be close to your computer to do so. Some techniques, space considerations, or fear of damaging your computer can really make this difficult.