[Archive] torns super army showcase blog thread


just ignore the title lol. here it is my first painted minis for everyone to see

first off my bull headed hero

as you can see he i definately mutated by chaos. i went for a bright colour scheme to go back to the old school chaos style.

next up is the command squad, with champion sporting rune of hashut, a large hand painted banner that i might re-do, and a hornblower. i wanted a drum but thought it would be easier for ranking to give the drum to the blunderbusses when they get finished.

now the troops. notice every single model is going to have a different style hat and a different design on their shield.

and finally the whole lot as a unit, minus 4 warriors i havent bought yet.

i know they are very bright but i think the effect makes them stand out really well.

i havent done the bases yet, they are just black. also the beards look darker on here than they do in real life they are actually visibly blue-ish.


The paint seems quite thick, how much are you watering it down?


some im watering down a lot others a little. It was my first proper attempt at using foundation paints. The paint isnt really that thick, but has a very solid look to it, apart from my flesh paint which is going funny and i need to buy new of.


Looks great man, nice hats! Keep us updated with more!


The paint does look a little blotchy, but you’ll improve the more you practice. Try and more layers with thinner paint as said above. Good luck!

Those hats are fantastic btw!