[Archive] Tournament List 2000 points


Let me know what you think of this list guys. I took it to a tournament last weekend and it did very well. I got a minor victory against Ogre Kingdoms, a draw against Empire, and finally a Massacre against High Elves that bumped me up into first for the win. One thing I’ve started doing is carrying a notebook with me, keeping track of just what my artillery shot @, how far they guessed, and how far they were off target. I’ve found that my guessing has improved drastically and with deadly consequences for my opponents. Anyway heres the list…

Lord: Sorcerer Lord: LVL 4 Power Stone, Dispel Scroll, Staff of Sorcery (Fire)

Hero: Sorcerer: LVL 2, Power Stone, Dispel Scroll (Metal)

Hero: Sorcerer: LVL 2, Chalice of Darkness (Death)

Hero: Chaos Dwarf: Battle Standard, Armor of G

Core: 24 Chaos Dwarf Warriors, Full Command, War Banner (Battle Standard runs around with these lads)

Core: 19 Chaos Dwarf Warriors, Full Command

Core: 10 Chaos Dwarf Warriors, Blunderbuss

Core: 10 Chaos Dwarf Warriors, Blunderbuss

Special: Death Rocket x4 @ 80=320

Rare: Earthshaker x2 @ 110=220

Uzkul Werit:

Where as I respect the amount of Chaos Dwarfs in the list, I can’t help but thing you went a little overboard with the artillery. But what works, works eh? Nice to see the Death Rockets being used for a change. How accurate were they?

The list could be vunerable to flank attacks so you may want to drop two Death Rockets for some Wolfboyz.


Well before coming over to Chaos Dwarfs I played a regular dwarf army that was artillery heavy. In all three of the games played I did a refused flank setup, basically using the table edge to protect one of my flanks. It usually takes about 2 turns of firing to get the guess range right on the money, but since I keep that notebook, once I key in on a target i can unleash lots of firepower on it. The army was constructed in this fashion also due to my limited collection of models usable in a Chaos Dwarf list. My death rockets are all converted Leadbelchers with Hunterkiller missiles launching out of their cannons, and my earth shakers and hell cannons that have been converted to be less daemonic.

One thing that I must mention was in the game against the High Elves my stunties were able to run down a Chariot that had lost combat, and the following turn they ran down a unit of spearmen. Never in my 12 years of gaming have my dwarfs run anyone down. It was truly a great moment.


Hmmmm, that’s a very interesting list. Personally to my tastes, a bit low on the Blunderbusses and the 1 warrior unit, but still fairly adequate.

That is definitely an Artillery line list. 6 Warmachines as Stonethrowers can put out some serious hurt, and the two earthshaker cannons will definitely keep your opponents at bay for sure. Not to mention the 10 power dice of magic that you have. Interesting that you took three difference lores, as well as the chalice of Darkness on your one Sorcerer.

With a list like that, I imagine you simply sat back and pummeled the opponent as they marched into your lines. Plus you had the magic to keep them at bay as well.

Honestly I’ve found Death Rockets to be absolutely awesome. On Saturday I played a Tzeentch Chaos Player and my Death Rocket more then earned it points back, killing outright not only a hero on a disc of tzeentch, but slaughtering countless chosen chaos warriors round after round of fire.

Really, the only thing I’d change in that list is to add more blunderbusses and warriors. Though to be honest, it seems that you’ve found a strategy that works for you. Pretty nice.



This list is my newest incarnation of an army ive been devising and planning for the last few months. I used to only run the one unit of 24 warriors and run roughly 15 more BB’s, but I found that I was getting schooled in combat. I dropped the BB units down to 10, using them in two ranks of 5 for a wider frontage, and then increased the other warrior unit I run up to 19.

What are your thoughts on dropping the unit of 24 down to 19, dropping the unit of 19 down to say 15, and then taking the extra points and pumping up my two units of BB’s?


I don’t think the BBs are worth it in units of ten. Either find a way to bulk them out or drop them and get some hobbos.