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I am fairly excited as I won my first “Best Overall” at a tournament. The best part is I won it with my Chaos Dwarfs!

Basic info: We needed an extra “free” character. It had to be on foot (no to Bull Centaur hero hero… for simplicity), automatically movement 5. Able to equip and upgrade as seen fit (though no duplicating items not normally allowed in multipes)

So to be goofy I took a Hobgoblin Hero with the Black Gem of Gnarr, Talisman of Protection, Heavy Armor, and shield. 96 points! Cheapest extra character.

Funny thing is… I had 2 draws and I massacred my third opponent.

More info tomorrow. I got up at 6:30 AM and just got back (2:30 AM The next day)… as the guy in our carpool accidentally left the keys in his trunk!

More fun, and info tomorrow on the tournament.


Congrats Swiss well done, the hobgoblin hero sounds like a right laugh :slight_smile:


nice, good to see some hobgobs get some action, and i think hobgobling heroes are underestimated a charge here and there will turn most combats


Memory is a bit fuzzy, so I apologize for less detail then normal. Hopefully I have all the info correct.

Game 1: Dwarfs

This game was a challenge. He and I had been on opposite sides of the Megabattle so we agreed we needed a Grumble Off at the next tournament.

The extra characters goal this game was to get across the other side of the board. I was able to counter his guy with my Great Taurus (not by combat, but ended up being because of a terror check) that caused the Thane to flee across the board edge. My Hobgoblin (since his movement was boosted to 5 due to rules) was able to make it across.

Taurus wreaked havoc on him doing a lot of damage to his thunderers (behind one unit once… making it terror away) and killing an Organ Gun (an Earthshaker shot killed the crew of the other Organ Gun). It also chopped up a warrior unit pretty nicely (Taurus in flank, Warriors in front). The Bull Centaurs killed the other Organ Gun crew (it was just the standard bearer after being shot up) because of banner + warbanner making them flee when they lost by 1.

His Ironbreaker block and Lord on Shieldbearers managed to crunch one of my warrior blocks… though I managed to stick in… and with shooting I had gotten them under half before they reached me (so I stuck in for a bit with soft res).

I killed off some slayer with a magic missile at one point to (A small unit of 5). I know I shot up his longbeards pretty nicely.

He did get my Earthshaker in the end with his Ironbreakers.

All in all it ended up being a draw. We both captured 2 banners, quarters washed (we each had one if memory serves). The difference was 130 in my favor.

DRAW for the Chaos Dwarfs.

Game 2 vs Brets.

Because of some shenanigans from a nearby store we had to move tables inside, so this game was shorter for everyone.

Part of the tournament was we could buy a reroll ($1 for first in the game, $2 for 2nd, $3 for the 3rd) and the money went to a no-kill animal rescue. One of the staff bought everyone a reroll for this game.

Due to the smaller turnout I ended up facing one of my local buddies.

This scenario was very interesting. The whole theme was to kill the extra character, spare the enemy general, and just hurt him enough to break his heart. So you got MORE points for a minor victory then a massacre, and you got points if you restrained pursuit three times. Very interesting twist.

My Bull Centaurs managed to stare down his Grail Knights for a turn… as we was not sure he wanted to give me the charge.

My Hobgoblin went into the BSB’s unit. They rushed forward trying to get behind a wall as that’d help if the Brets got a charge off on them. Earth shaker bought time by nailing a direct hit on the unit across from them, but killing none (I rolled a lot of 1’s to wound!). Death Rocket dropped a knight in the other unit. With magic I used metal. #1 spell had cooked the champ from the Knight unit the Death Rocket ended up pummeling.

His turn he moved his general on hippogryph up to see the flank of my line. His extra guy runs into the woods. His knights move up.

Rainlord was scrolled. His trebuchet misfired. He used the free reroll to reroll the artillery die… rolled a misfire. Rolls a 3… kills a crew… they panic and flee off the board.

Shooting, nothing overly exciting from the archers.

My 2nd turn, Taurus charges KotR that had been earthshakered in the flank. I forgot to make them take a terror test (oops). Oh well.

Warriors make it to the Wall… cues a Pink Floyd song. Hobgoblins fail animosity, so they can’t turn to face Hippogryph (hoping that they’d at least have ranks and not be flanked… hoping soft rest would help).

Magic: Dispelled all over or failed.

Shooting: Earthshaker misfires. I use the reroll. Misfire. Roll of 1. Boom. We both laugh at the irony that it happened to both of us. Death Rocket misfires, rolls a 6… my other buddy (who is putting on the tournament) cracks the joke “Civil War Re-Enactors?” as I tend to call them that when I roll such a misfire. My opponent, myself, and tournament host all laugh.

Blunderbuss, despite getting a lot of hits, only managed a wound which he saved.

Combat, Taurus is challenged by Paladin, which I cut down. Knights hold.

His turn:

General charges Hobgobs (they make terror! :o )

Knights charge Blunderbuss. Again, same shooting… no damage after saves.

He moved Grail Knghts up, betting he could take the charge.

Magic: The one spell he had I dispelled.

Shooting, archers fire at unengaged warrior unit (no damage), and Bull Centaurs (no damage or just 1 guy).

Combat Hobgoblins get smashed, and flee. Warriros pass terror.

Blunderbuss manage ended up losing by only a little I seem to recall, but managed to hold.

Because of the nonsense from the nearby store eating up time, time had to be called. Giving us all short games. Draw in my favor.

Game 3 vs Orcs and Goblins.

This time the extra character was swapped! My opponent gets a Hobgoblin that is meant to deny attacks for a turn, while I get a lvl 2 Gobbo shaman. Amusingly I have a the O&G book with me as it is useful for Chaos Dwarfs.

Goal is to kill the extra character on the other side.

Gorgeous Orc Army. I’ll say that!

He had two BIG blocks of Orcs, and a big block of Big Uns. A couple unit of wolf riders, a unit of spider riders, squig hoppers, a couple bolt throwers, a doom diver, and a troll… plus a chariot (maybe two) of Orcs.

The spiders and hoppers were on his far left from my perspective… they moved up.

His Bolt Throwers shot at my Taurus first turn, they got 2 wounds on the Taurus.

His sole lvl 2’s spell is dispelled.

My Taurus moved to counter hoppers (breathing fire on the hoppers killing some).


I fling the #1 little waagh spell (D6 S2 no armor) at some wolf riders dropping 1 or 2.

D6 S4 Death missile into wolf riders dispelled.

My other spell was dispelled too.

Shooting Earth shaker lands in the middle of the Orcs, while I don’t wound a lot… I slow down the bulk of his army. Death Rocket kills a few Big Uns.

His turn, the Hoppers animosity into the Taurus.

Wolf Riders (the damaged ones) charge my BSB unit with the Gobbo shaman in it.

Magic: Miscast, roll of 8 (shaman takes a wound).

Shooting… can’t honestly remember what he did this turn.

Combat: Squig hoppers killed, they flee… I restrain. His wolf riders got a single wound on extra shaman, but they flee after I kill another one. They end up right in front of the Big Uns.

My turn 2

Taurus moves up to terror bomb bolt throwers. Bull Centaurs move up to hopefully be a threat for a few units.

Magic: Ineffective (he had the rank bonus = Dispell dice banner)

Shooting ends up slowing only one unit down, not a lot of damage. Death Rocket hits veers off wildly.

Taurus breathes fire on one Bolt Thrower crew killing all but Orc Bully!

His turn 3. One orc block squabbles.

Troll charges earthshaker.

Magic dispelled.

Both Bolt Throwers hit the Lord on the Taurus… Lord makes both ward saves.

Doom Diver kills some warriors.

Troll fails to wound. I cause a wound on it. Troll holds (General close enough).

My turn 4…

Bull Centaurs charge Orc block in front, Taurus in its flank.


Damaged wolf block destroyed, other spells stopped.

Shooting. Blunderbuss drop a wolf in other wolf rider unit.

Death rocket veers off wildly (8 or 10" drift)

Combat: Taurus kills 4 Orcs… Bull Centaurs kill 1 or 2. Some Bull Centaurs do die… but the Orcs pop. Bull Centaurs (only) pursue and catch. Lord on Taurus restrains.

Troll fails wounds once, but I get a wound through on it. Crew flees 2" troll goes 3 or 4".

His turn 4:

Orc block charges Hobgoblins (they flee). Wolf Riders, Chariot charge BSB’s unit in front, troll in its flank.

Spider riders charge blunderbuss

Magic: His WAAGH spell is scrolled.

Shooting: His Bolt Thrower fails to wound my Taurus, even after a reroll.

Doom Diver gets a partial, one hit… no wound (Even after a reroll purchase).

Combat: The gobbo shaman survives. Troll doesn’t do anything. I think I lost maybe a warrior. I again manage to poke the troll with a single wound killing it. BSB chops up the wolf riders. Wolf riders flee, Chariot holts (needing insane courage I think).

Spiders kill some Blunderbuss. I lose by 4, but hold (Gotta love Dwarven leadership)…

My turn 4.

My other warrior block gets a flank charge on the unit that tried to charge my Hobgolins (this orc unit had the Hobgoblin extra character).

Great Taurus gets a charge on the flank of the Big Uns.

Bull Centaurs charge Doom Diver.

Magic: I cast Gork Will Fix it on Big Uns (cast successfully) which he uses his three dice to stop. (He lost rank bonus dispell dice as I negated his ranks with Lord on Taurus). I then successfully cast Doom and Darkness on the Big Uns.

Shooting: None


Lord on Taurus kills some Orcs. They ended up losing only by 1… but… had a total of -4 due to Doom and Darkness. They fail, flee, and are caught.

Warriors beat up on his Orc block, popping it as well.

Bull Centaurs destroy doom diver.

Orc chariot flees, having done nothing to the shaman (if my memory is correct)…

Blunderbuss hold up to spiders.

Time called.

Chaos Dwarf victory (massacre).

So a good showing for the Chaos Dwarfs, plus it must be the first time a Chaos Dwarf army has won Best Overall for sometime.

This event emphasized soft scores A LOT. So even if you don’t win all 3 games, you can do very well.

Skittles from Rites of War (with Warriors of Chaos) lost all three games, but since he had good soft scores and got objectives he got best Tactician (though he would have won Gentleman Gamer, but you can only win one award).

Great event overall. Plus after event humor happened too.


The list I took

Lord on Great Taurus
  Black Hammer of Hashut
  Armour of the Furnace

Chaos Dwarf Hero
Armour of Gazrakh
Sword of Might

Chaos Dwarf Sorcerer
  Lvl 2
2 Scrolls

Chaos Dwarf Sorcerer
  Lvl 2
  Staff of Sorcery

24 Chaos Dwarf Warriors

24 Chaos Dwarf Warriors

17 Blunderbuss

20 Hobgoblins
  Light Armor, Shield

6 Bull Centaurs
  Standard, Warbanner

Death Rocket
Earth Shaker

Edit: Oops, accidentally posted Death Rocket twice!