[Archive] Tournament Report: New GW store's 1st event 1,500 pts tournament


This event is a couple weeks old, I just haven’t gotten around to reporting it yet. My memory is really too fuzzy to give detailed turn for turn report, so I will post my thoughts on the battle with each army.

This took place at the new Rockford, IL store. I had asked, when I heard about the event, if I could bring Chaos Dwarfs. One of the Redshirt’s face lit up at the thought of Chaos Dwarfs making it. They agreed, so long as I brought a printout of the PDF for them to have.

Despite the snow, a friend of mine from where I go to college made it down as well (I had been at my Parents for break).

The tournament was small, ten people in attendence, thankfully over half were fully painted… though the four unpainted were new to the hobby, so that’s just fine.

There were 2 Brettonian Players, A Dwarf player, VC, Demons, Chaos 2 Mortals, 2 Dark Elves, and myself

My list

Chaos Dwarf Hero
Heavy Armor, Enchanted Shield

Chaos Dwarf Hero (BSB)
Armor of Gazrakh, Talisman of Protection


24 Chaos Dwarf Warriors (General’s unit)
  Bnr, Mu, Warbanner

24 Chaos Dwarf Warriors

14 Blunderbuss

15 Blunderbuss

10 Hobgoblin Archers tips hat to Time of Madness for pointing out my error :hat off

18 Orcs

Death Rocket

Earth shaker

1st Game: Bretonnians

The Earth shaker and Death Rocket were a major help to me. The Earth shaker for slowing them down, and the Death Rocket for raw killing power. The Death Rocket seems to be a better choice against Brets, as S4 only allows them a 6+ ward… vs the 5+ ward BTs allow (which will stop a bolt)… that and the ranked formations of Brets. Of course I rolled all direct hits with it, so I guess I should take it with a grain or few of salt as well.

Hobgoblin archers helped, as the sheer number of shots allowed them to drop a few knights over the game. Plus as cheap as they are, Hobgoblin archers are a rock solid deal in general.

With two main fighting blocks, having banners (an either war banner or BSB) really allowed my soft res to shine.

Orcs with minimal options make a great flexible unit. They can be fighting, they can be used to by up time (as they’re no soft unit), but they are also cheap enough where losing them isn’t a crisis.

I would have had a draw, but bonus points in banner and a corner won me it. Minor Victory.

2nd Game vs Orcs

Image from bottom of the first turn.

Both the Orc player and I laughed that we were facing each other, due to my “I need to fight Orcs, I need more slaves” comment and his boasting “I’m here to stop that”.

I deployed my Hobgoblins in the tower, which would prove to be wise.

Blunderbuss were quickly dealt with in this battle, he had an idea of what Chaos Dwarfs could do.

His Orcs seemed to have a momentum, at first I was on my way to losing, but I ended up saving victory from the jaws of defeat. My soft res, and utter resilience in combat, ended up saving me. My BSB’s block, who had been not pummeled by his bolt thrower ran down his really big unit on a chance failure of a break test (he had lost by one or two). I was able to hold out longer due to my LD 10, long enough for me to break him down.

Hobgoblin archers in the building performed amazingly well.

War machines had a nice target rich environment. I aimed center mass of the army and it tended to work well enough.

Don’t be afraid to trigger Fanatics with cheap units (Orcs in my case). The fanatics ended up killing his giant! My orcs had charged his giant on the side. While in the end I lost my Orcs (as I had charged the giant on the side, activating the fanatics in the not to distant Night Gobbos)… I was ok with that trade!

Blunderbuss can be amazing against Fanatics. Again the archers helped, allowing me to damage Night Goblins early on.

Game 3 VC

This guy made one mistake, though he had understandable reasons (he didn’t have the figures) by not taking Lord of Dead at this level.

I positioned my Warriors a bit behind my Blunderbuss as I knew the rules of Blunderbuss shooting would be a BIG help for me.

Blunderbuss (and magic defense) are the most potent weapon against VC as we can do the volume fire that gets deadlier as they get larger. Plus the Earth shaker helps us compensate for the Vanhel’s spell.

Try to draw the Varghulf off. I positioned myself so if he punched through the Death Rocket he’d clip my warrior block… which he did. Though as the Blunderbuss was there he couldn’t slide (unfortunately for me). However, despite amazing regen rolls for crumble, the varghulf died quickly enough from sheer soft res.

Using Blunderbuss in front of my lines allowed me to blast away at them and on the charge I really dampened their numbers advantage. Their hero vampires are nowhere near the beasts their lords are. Plus getting a flank charge on Grave Guard with Orcs really helped A LOT as they had almost not soft res and were taking a beating all around.

I ended up massacring him. I credit his not having Lord of Dead, and my trap with my General’s block and Orcs.

I ended up winning Best Painted, I tied with the guy who had gotten Best Sports… but as I had won Best Painted he got Best Sports.

I won a Dwarf Bolt Thrower out of it, now to ‘corrupt’ it an make it CD like.

Though my two buddies like Chaos Dwarfs, everyone else was really excited to have seen them in the tournament. All my opponents had a blast and were glad I brought the Big Hats. They also all got a kick out of my wearing a top hat and all. There was no Best General category. My friend (a DE player) won Best Overall.

3 wins. First time I’ve had a 100% win record.

Time of Madness:

Great report, however I don’t see any hobgoblin archers in your list? I’m assuming you missed putting them in.

time of Madness


Oh! Thanks for point that out. Edited and fixed.

A little sick today, so I’m a little out of it.

I do love the Hobgoblins though… not a bad deal at all.


Nice tournament report. Easy to read, I like that and our evil little friends won :slight_smile:

Guess I have to convert some archer hobgoblins, didn’t think they where that useful until I read this.



Hobgoblin Archers really won me over.

First game they killed a fair number of knights, and since they’re not S5… minimal ward.

Second game they took out fanatics, weakened Gobbos, and dropped some Orcs.

Third game they finished off Wolves and Corpse Cart.

For as cheap as they are, squeezing in a unit or two is more then worth it. Plus even if they get magic missled, killed, flying units charging them… you’re not out many points.

I’m planning finding more Hobgoblin archers if I can or converting more up for two units for 2250!


50 points for 10 archers - you cant get that anywhere else - throw in the no panic bonus are they are fantastic


I only regret you didn’t post more pictures:

photos make reports damn juicy! :slight_smile:

Time of Madness:

Oh! Thanks for point that out. Edited and fixed.

No prob,

Just a couple of quick points on your list, to make it better next time.

For your general you seem to have him set up for defence. I'd look at picking up the black gem if you can to keep him alive a little longer.

For your bsb I'd drop the talismen, not much use for a 2 wound hero. Instead pick up the sword of might to give him a little more pop in combat and to give you some magic attacks.

Try and squeeze another scroll on your level 1 if you can.

Your generals unit should have a champ to save your lord from the big nasties.

Just my opinion on the list, you can do none or all of the above :)
Time of Madness

Groznit Goregut:

50 points for 10 archers - you cant get that anywhere else - throw in the no panic bonus are they are fantastic

Goblin archers are 60 pts for 20 of the buggers. They are 10 pts more, but twice the number. I will say that they are half the range, though. Great when a large target or someone on a hill gets within range.


50 points for 10 archers - you cant get that anywhere else - throw in the no panic bonus are they are fantastic

Goblin archers are 60 pts for 20 of the buggers.  They are 10 pts more, but twice the number.  I will say that they are half the range, though.  Great when a large target or someone on a hill gets within range.

Groznit Goregut
Yes that's right but that 16" shortbow range makes a massive difference in my opinion as you have to be within charge range of all standard infantry to be at half-range


Seems like I have to put archer hobgoblins on the to-do-list.

Now I just have to find some time to start converting my warriors…

Warlord Ghazak Gazhkull:

Nice tournament report:), I enjoyed reading it.




A good report. I am gearing up for a local tournament so it is good to get a look at a different list and see how it handled.

Tarrakk Blackhand:

Awesome Swiss! Glad you could show that the ol’ Cd’s Still had the fight in 'em!

3 wins in a row is AWESOME!