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Long time no see, eh? Finally, I’m back (not much in terms of painting my hats, alas!)

still, two weeks ago I was on a tournament in Torun (city of Copernicus, if ya wanna know) - 1500 points, no restrictions. I went with a little bit experimental roster, which contained:

Zharkk, Mighty Chaos Dwarf Sorcerer and General

well, really a caddy:)

Fire Hoof, a Bull Centaur and Army Standard Bearer

with armour of gazhrakk and sword of might

Ghzorkh the Corpseslitter, a Bull Centaur

with gauntlents, heavy armor and great weapon

two units of 15 blunderbussiers with musicians

two units of 25 hobgoblins with armors, shields, standards and musicians

one unit of 10 wolf riders with armors, shields, standards and musicians

in which the centaur would ride

4 bolt throwers

a death rocket

an earthshaker

My first battle was with a young and inexperienced high elf player. He had a funny list, including bolt throwers, four units of archers, two mages, and spearelves. I won the first turn, and pressed on as quick as possible. Unfortunately, during his first turn, he panicked the riders, which just delayed the inevitable. With the cavalry eating his archers, hobbos defeating bolt throwers, and blunders devastating infantry, I won 20-0.

Second battle, on the first table, was with an interesting dwarfs roster - an indestructible grudge thrower with master engineer (who had 1+ AS with reroll), normal engineer, unbreakable, rune of penetrating and accuracy; two bolt throwers, two units of thunderers, two runesmiths and a unit of hammerers. It was a funny battle, because neither of us wanted to attack the other, we just concentrated on shooting. In his third turn, the ubergrudgethrower destroyed my death rocket. In my fifth, my bolt thrower nearly killed his master engineer (hit, crew, engineer, 1 to wound, damn!), but the second one got better and destroyed the machine itself:hat off. With +100 VP for both of us for quarters, the battle ended in a fascinating 260:180 result, a draw.

Third battle - mortal chaos: two units of khorne knights, one unit of chosen knights undivided, some hounds, furies, screamers, an undivided champion on a daemonic mount, and a khorne champion on a daemonic mount. I got a whole cart of bad luck this time, with earthshaker blowing up on turn one, animosity-rolling hobgoblins, and fantastic dice rolls from the opponent. My only case of good luck was, when with a 1-on-animosity hobgoblin wolfrider wagon (with two heroes inside, unfortunately not on its borders!) got charged to its side by the khorne champion. He inflicted two wounds, lost by one, breaked and was eaten. But with all the other destroyed, I merely escaped a bigger loss with a 8:12.

The last battle was a with a TK army. I hate playing them, they always eat my machines and I can’t kill their characters. This was also a matter of this battle, which resulted in another draw.

With 48 points from battles and eight out of ten from hobby (paint+test), I ended up on 9th place (with the dwarfs winning, and the chaos on 3rd position:h)

Dark Haven:

Good job on the placing!

I think that with the few BR we have here, its a crime not to reply to one.

Keep it up and fight hard!


Dark Haven


Nice battle summaries we have to play with tratior dwarf rule book in UK makes for a good army as you saw :smiley: Nice to hear of CD out and about in tourneys as CD tho:hat off