[Archive] tournie weekend

richard barby:

im playing a fluffy tourniement this weekend the idea behind it is take weak list that need skill to play not a list to smash people with out much effort

its a comped tournie with armies scoring 0to 5 higher the score weaker the list we dont find out the score till saturday morning . but a 0 would be a weak regualr tournie list 1or 2 soft still usefull 3 or 4 fluffy not many toys 5 soft as tissue paper (your score get timesed by 6 games to give a comp score added as the end of the weekend )

im hopeing to get a 3 for comp

im the only choas dwarf player over the weekend several brets and woc armies

what im taking is (indy list)

1 warrior lord great wepion 1+ save +1 dd per turn item

slaver bsb shield

hobgoblin hero light armour shield

20 warriors hand wepions shields full command

20 blunderbusses full com

10 warriors great wepions

2x5 wolf riders bow

2x5 bullcenturs additional hand wepions

2 x 20 rabble

1 x 40 hobgoblins with spears full com

2 bolt throwers

10 archers

4 goloums with breath attack

mo magic phase is a big concession i think

will up date with how i get on im hopeing the goloums will get a huge body count

Da Crusha:

hmm, without a magic phase I think you’ll have a tough time with this list and I think there is no reason why you couldn’t get full comp points. right now you will have a lot of difficulty with high armoured troops as well as magic heavy lists. I would suggest putting great weapons on the 20 chaos dwarf unit. this will help cut through armour. since this is supposed to be a fluffy list this should help you out a bit. I myself would at least have a dispel scroll and the hexicon of hashut for some magic defense. its tough giving advice on a list when you actually want it to be a soft list.

richard barby:

thats true but the idea is weak lists there are 4 out of the 32 lists dont have magic there are about a third with out a bsb

i friend has a woodelf list that is really fluffy 3 small units of etarnal guard 2 archers units some eagles a level 2 mage and a few other weak options for softer than mine

the brets players will clean up this weekend i recon 2 for thr top 3 places

richard barby:

first day over plaied 3 won 2 lost 1 my comp score was 2.5 i think it gets rounded up to 3 at the end of the weekend

first game 15-5 win vs orcs they pinned in the middle (playing dawn attack) so any panics bounced units off the table and more than once took more units with them bad luck for the guy i played he was pinned in by rolling lots of 3,4,5,

game 2 11 -9 win vs skaven playing meeting engagment i had my best unit off the table at the start and took ages to get my hold of the blocks or skaven but did in the end just could of lost badly but the goloums came to the rescue differnce just short of 12-8 by about 20

game 3 lost 4-16 vs orcs the game that got away i was ready to smash the guy i played but my dice where not ready to let me do it animosity for once won the game for the orcs with my hobgoblins not being able to charge for 2 turns that cost me dearly in the end around 800/ 1000 point swing

richard barby:

just to show what some of the weaker lists have an orge list has

9 bulls

8 bulls

7 bulls

6 bulls

5 bulls

4 bulls

3 bulls

2 lead belchers

1 hero level orge with a biting blade

with no upgrades in anyunit unless you get tournie bonus points you cant beat him 20-0 he doesnt have enough bonus points to give away

richard barby:

second day was up and down

game 4 was a draw battle for the pass vs warriors

this army was hard to keep away from one of the hardest lists by far troll great wepion choas orges dragon orgers and a gaint alone with 3 blocks of warriors i was about 20 points from getting an 11-9 win and on reflection i miss 2 opertuitys to save around 400 points at a loss of 100 in my 2 units of rabble

game 5 blood and glory vs vampiers win 17-3

the vamp army had one horde unit of zombies 2 units of skegs and 2 of goules along with a tiny grave guard (12) vargulf and sprit hosts . i have thought for a while in 8th vamps vs indy choas dwarfs is a good match up for me and it proved it blunderbusses smashed a unit goloums hit one and big falnk chage from the bunker killed 47 out of 48 in one turn could of had 20 -0 if i had done things a touch different a combat in a different order but i moved my ld bubble away from my hobgoblins and they feared a unit they could of beat

will do game 6 later