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Where on earth, well, in Britain, could i find a toy tortoise the size of a stegdon? (thereabouts)

I’ve tried looking on Ebay, but there is nothing…(god there realy is some shi*e on that website…)


ARe you trying to make the lizardmen living boat from gw?


Nae, im trying to make a stegadon, but a tortoise one…if you get what i meen…


have you tried looking for a turtle instead? worse comes to worse you could just sculpt the entire thing. you know doing the turtle shell would be fun lol

Ishkur Cinderhat:

I’ve been looking for one myself for my former aquatic lizardmen army idea. Not being able to find one was one of the many reasons why I didn’t get far with this army project. You may want to look at a museum’s shop, they sell lots of animal models and stuff.

Kera foehunter:

i go on google look up toy turtle .They have links but all my links are for the US


how about using a dinosaur and building a shell around it? you can get those stumpy little fat herbivore ones, or even cut all the spines off a stegosaurus. any body shaping you want to do will be hidden by the shell.


have you tried a normal toy store ?


torn: Thats the one thing i think ill have trouble with, the shell

It’s gonna use up a hell of alot of putty doing it, thats why i was hoping to get a suitable model to base it on

Ishkur: Well my friend that is a dire shame…another potentially great lizardmen project scuppered by a lack of toy turtles…

We must rise up against this lack of suitable plastic chelonians!


Try a garden centre or aquatic centre i am sure you could find one in those places varied size ones too tho i dont think you will want a large stone one !

I have a garden gnome to convert into a CD warrior for the garden LOL :hat


yeah canix is right they always have those plaster cast turles and things for gardens. you can probably get one for about a fiver and they should be in all shapes and sizes.

edit: about sculpting them, use something cheap as the base putty for the main shape, like grey green milliput. its absolutely useless at holding details but can be smoothed nicely and i think it costs about £1.50 a pack of 115 grams, which is quite a lot. i use it for the ‘undershape’ of large sculpts, as its cheaper than fimo and doesnt need to be cooked.

Kera foehunter:

heck go to the river and get a live turtle .We hunt them all the time. or you can go to a pet shop. They have fake toy turtles there.


heck go to the river and get a live turtle .We hunt them all the time.

Kera foehunter
made me think of hillbillies lol.

what do you hunt turtles with?

Kera foehunter:

Kera laught out loud !!! I’m from west Virginia (Hillybilly heaven)

Btw you hunt turtle by walking in the river reaching up in holes in the bank and pulling them out. Most of the time they go head first in. Or you can set lines with hooks on them .


oh, i thought you would sail up rivers on a raft wearing a pirate hat and trying to shoot the things with your home made blunderbuss.

is there much meat on a turtle? ive always been of the mindset that if an animal takes longer to gut and skin than it takes to cook it, it isnt really worth having. main example rabbits. a wild rabbit can feed someone yes, but most of the thing is gristle and fur. cows are much more productive, and someone else hunts them for you. ive heard they do this in scotland by throwing tree trunks at them.

Kera foehunter:

sorry guys will post this in off topic. (hunting and cooking)


they have a nice hunting tactic in scotland

Grongi Blackbeard:

maybe its a little expensive, but you couls always use (i think) a carnifex backshell thing, with those chimney-like thing cut of…

as base you could have a stegadon without that collar thing on tyhe backhead… or just a similar toy dinosaur… :~


Hmmm…looks like in for a wee hunt then…

I was surfing the web, and i found a model where the guy used a REAL tortoise!

It looks fantasic!


Kera foehunter:

see that guy use a real turtle ( Now decesed ) warplock!!