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The Gib:

Since I have played Fantasy I have had a High Elves, Skaven, dabbled in Brets, Empire, and WoC.  Unfortunately the one area that I always struggle with is the painting.  Between all those armies I might have actually painted a grand total of 600-800 points worth of stuff.  Not a good track record.  So I have decided to post on here my progress in the hopes that it will push me to finish my CD army.  Much of what I have is either scratch built or using different models.  I have posted below the photobucket album link to what I currently have completed or WiP.  Any feed back or advice would be greatly helpful.  Listed below are what I have so far.

Daemonsmith Sorcerer - used scibor model


Infernal Guard - Still have a lot more to go

Infernal Guard 1

Infernal Guard 2

Deathshrieker Rocket Launcher - used Scibor cannon crew and cannon out of a Russian game

Deathshrieker Rocket Launcher 1

Deathshrieker Rocket Launcher 2

Magma Cannon - Final model uses the ogres as props for the cannon and the guys with whips in the back, meant to look like lava pouring out of the cannon

Magma Cannon 1

Magma Cannon 2

Magma Cannon 3

Iron Daemon - need to make a lava base for this one, don’t like picking it up by the model

Iron Daemon 1

Iron Daemon 2

Bull Centaur - used a chaos knight horse body and gor torso.  Will drybrush the rock he is on and put lava around it.  This is just the musician and is still Wip

Bull Centaur Musician 1

Bull Centaur Musician 2

This is it so far.  Will continue to post as I get stuff finished up.

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Hi TG, nice work so far.
Why don`t you put the pics on the thread?
I think it is much easier to look at and will get you more comments than the links to photobucket or the posts in the showcase section.


Why don`t you put the pics on the thread?
I think it is much easier to look at and will get you more comments than the links to photobucket or the posts in the showcase section.

I agree

Looking god so far i think, great start!!

The Gib:

Finished one of the K’Daai Fireborn I’ll be using.  The model is from Anima Tactics called Fire Demon.  It turned out to be taller than I thought it would.  My fear was that it would be considerably shorter than the Forgeworld.


The model looks very cool! :hat off

Could you post a pic with the K’daai just beside a CD and a FW K’daai?


The Gib:

These two pictures show the K’Daai fireborn model next to the K’daai Destroyer I will use and a chaos dwarf lord.  I don’t have the actual FW K’Daai fireborn for comparison.  From the base to the very top is just over 3.5".


very nice, love that lord model. is that the model BTP used as a Destroyer as well?

The Gib:

It is, stole the idea from them. It makes a great Destroyer. I still need to paint it, but it will probably be the last thing as it doesn’t like that bad as is.

The Gib:

Finished the rest of the K’Daai Fireborn unit.


Very nice Fireborn unit, GZ on ur great work!

The Gib:

Finally got back into painting my CD army.  I have been working on my hobgoblins.  These are just the goblins from the starter set.  I wanted to make them look distinct from what I normally see with goblins so I changed the skin to try and make it look like a translucent blue.  Beyond that these are pretty basic.  Purple cloaks with brown bows, shoes and, quivers.  I have highlighted some of them but will probably wait until I am through with the basic coat first.  I am running between 70-80 in my list so may not get into much detail on these guys.  



All the links in your first post are unfortunately dead. Would like to see your work, the k’adaii are great.


Best to link this way I think:

Like this:

Hover the mouse pointer over the top right corner of a thumbnail in your album and select “share” from the menu. In the “Share the photo” pop-up window go to “Links” and click on the URL under the “direct” field. This will be copied to your clipboard, which you can then paste into the img tags.