[Archive] Trade through the Dark Lands?

Groznit Goregut:


I’m trying to figure out how trade flows through the Dark Lands. I’ve heard talk of a the equivalent of the “Silk Road” through it. I’m not sure if its a real trail or even just the idea that people go that way. Is there any information on it at all? How frequent is it? What passes does it come through? How does it pass safely through the Dark Lands? How does it pass through the Ogre Kingdoms (I’m not very familiar with them, either). What do Empire merchants trade to get the exotic goods? What do Empire merchants get in return (I assume silk, spices, etc). Is there anything worth getting from the Ogre Kingdoms? Or are they just bribed to get through?

Pyro Stick:

Are you going on about traders moving through the dark lands and bypassing chaos dwarfs altogether or traders moving through the dark lands and trading with the chaos dwarfs?

Groznit Goregut:

Any and all. I would think that trading with the Chaos Dwarfs would be dangerous, though. I mean, sure, they are evil dwarfs who live in a wasteland. I meant that you have to travel through the World’s End mountains, which has lots of regular dwarfs in it. If they caught you with CD dwarf stuff, they would kill you!


Check this out.


The Silver road goes through black fire pass along the old dwarf silver road. I think after it passes the sentinels it’s called the ivory road. Spice route to the south, though it’s debatable whether that area is still part of the dark lands.

Groznit Goregut:

Hi Grimstonesire! Thanks for the map. Where did you get it? What are the red locations on the map?


It’s from the Hand of Hashut galleries


If you get a chance go back to the main photo album, there are some classic conversions here going back to years before CDO was even an idea.

I was never totally clear where Zorond got all the red locations from. Quite a few of the locations don’t appear anywhere else as far as I know, but he may have been working off a really old map.


The Empire doesn’t trade with Chaos Dwarfs (except perhaps indirectly - perhaps an Ogre trader swaps “Dwarf metal” for food at a Caravan?). Northern Chaos and Greenskin Tribes do, as well as Ogres to the East. I frankly wouldn’t put it past Skaven, either, although I imagine there’d be some competition for slaves there, too.

Groznit Goregut:

I wasn’t thinking that the Empire was directly trading with Chaos Dwarfs. I was thinking that perhaps some unscrupulous merchants might be trading with them.

I did post on Warhammer-Empire and someone showed me Border Town Burning, which is an unofficial offshoot of Mordheim. In it, it says that the Gates of Zharr are just giant gates sitting in the middle of nowhere.

I also looked in the Ogre Kingdom book and it states how the dwarfs raid everyone and no one trades with them. It makes sense and I can see it. Those two documents helped clear up a lot for me.