[Archive] Traitor rosters


So I am sure some legions have certain things more than others. I made a list of what I think each would have. Let me know if I am off base.

Black Legion


World Eaters

-Khorne berzerkers

-No Sorcerors

-Only Khorne Daemons

Thousand Sons

-Rubric Marines

-only tzeentch daemons

Death Guard

-Plauge Marines

-Nurgle Daemons Only

Emperors Children

-Noise Marines

-only Slaanesh daemons

Word Bearers

-lots of possesed

-lots of daemons

-lots of spawn

Iron Warriors

-lots of terrmies

-lots of Dreads




Alpha Legion

-little daemons

-no possesed


Night Lords

-lots of raptors

-lots of bikers

-little havocs

-little oblits


That would be a fairly exact port of the 2nd 3rd edition Chaos codex’s Legion specific rules.

Provided you don’t mean they will get only and exactly what you have listed.

World Eaters don’t lack tanks entirely e.g.