[Archive] Treatise on Slaves


The following hopes to explain the role of slaves in Chaos Dwarf armies, needs a little improvement:

Treatise on Slaves

All slaves brought to the city must be declared to the Slaver’s Guild whether they are to be sold or not. Female slaves of a docile nature may be used as servents. Male slaves and females of sufficient fitness may be sent to the mines. Any slaves deemed unsuitable for work of any kind, either due to being unruly, weak or become too ill during service, should be sent to the Temple of Hashut for sacrifice. These rules are not hard and fast, some slaves fit into several categories.

All slaves of a fit nature must be given the option to serve in the armed forces to earn their freedom. Slaves which refuse this opportunity are unlikely to get any other chance at freedom, although some Lords have freed slaves under exceptional circumstances. A slave who serves a full 8 years is to be freed and given one month’s living expenses. A slave may choose to free another slave rather than themselves. A freed slave may not be recaptured during the month after they were freed. [Note: Only a tiny fraction of slaves survive their full term in the army].

Hope of freedom is a powerful thing and keeps slaves productive for far longer.

The Slaver:

Only one word: nice. That is exactly how i envisioned it.

Uzkul Werit:

I wouldn’t say they have the chance to be in the army. They are made to, weither they like it or not. I mean a slaves can’t be a slave if it has a choice in the matter!


Pretty cool idea I always thought they just grabed all the slaves they could and put them in mine if they stopped working they would be sacrificed.As for warriors I thought they were just slaves that were fit but hey that just me now I’m using your idea.


Well if you have the chance of freedom rather than a life down a mine followed by being burnt to death, wouldn’t you take it?

It also allows for people to free members of their family if they manage to survive the full term. The illusion of free will is pretty clever, an interesting part of psychology. You’d get loads of willing participants who will gladly serve as best they can just to free their wife or children.

Some parts of the bible are pretty interesting regarding the treatment of slaves (Leviticus I think), and they were pretty common rules in that region.