[Archive] Trolls(1)


I would likely go with ogre bulls as frames. Then I would use then as filler in a big unit of hobgoblins. You might models some shackles on them if you do that.


Are you planning to scratch make them or convert them? I like the concept art. Tey look like gnoblar-ogre-troll hybreds.


Beastmen heads come with plaits that combined with greenstuff could get the hair working for you.

Do not use Ogre legs, it would be cheaper to use a rat Ogre whole body, and model it off of that. First reason being the Ogre is in one whole piece, where you attach bulky arms, head and hands, not to mention the gut plate.

Second, Ogres are BULKY these trolls look rather lanky.

The only thing useful you will get from the Ogres will be the club hands.

My suggestion would be to make the torsos from scratch, seeing as their hair covers most of their body. The bulk of the body can be made from what ever you want, putty, big plastic ball, what ever. Sculpt something in greenstuff in the area under the arms, as this will be the one place void of hair. attach something for the arms (rat ogre parts?) sculpt the rest of the torso, ie. all the hair. attach the arms and suitable legs.

No idea what you would use for the head, the noses look like gnoblar noses.


Nice find Kera, if you make it work it’ll look great.

If you could pull it off… having a troll “petting” a hobgoblin like it was his pet, would be funny… and disturbingly appropriate.


ooooh, those look awesome, very Brother’s Grimm.

I think Helsreth is right, the hair will cover the body, and to get such a comical nose, you need to GS that one.


They look too friendly, Warhammer trolls spit/regurgitate acid for crying out loud!