[Archive] Two-headed goblin, or something similar


As the topic states, I’m optimally searching for a 2-headed goblin in miniature. Failing that, anything smallish with two heads will do. Go ahead and post anything cool with two heads if you really want to. :idea:idea


The only 2-headed goblin that I’ve heard of is from the aeyonks old Citadel compendium 1/2, circa 1983-84, but I think looking for it now would be a futile quest.


The only two headed thing I can remember is a 5th edition era Chaos Mutation. I made a conversion of two skulls emerging from each other for my undead Chaos.


It just seems weird that there wouldn’t be a familiar, lesser demon (I could have sworn there was a pink horror with two faces, but evidently not), something for Warmaster…just odd that there’s such a dearth of two-headed creatures.

I know it’s a relatively easy conversion, but that won’t do in this case. :frowning:


you can buy the chaos mutation sprue (http://www.games-workshop.com/MEDIA_CustomProductCatalog/m1540210_99080102001_BitzChaosMutationsMain_873x627.jpg), there is a head growing out another head.


Thanks very much for the help guys, but I think I’m going to try something else altogether. :rolleyes:


/points to self… I R two-headed, but I sure as hell ain’t small.