[Archive] Uh, Hey!


Hey all,

So yeah, first post. I’m not new to CDO, I’ve been floating around as a guest on and off for some time now, so I kinda figured I might as well sign up, since I’m planning on ressurecting CD in my area.

Uh so, introductions. I’m eternalfreak, from the Warhammer Realm, over on Warvault. I mainly play non-chaos dwarves, though I’ve been tainted, and here I am. AWK, I’m a full time student, studying History, Archaeology, and Religious Studies. And thats that really.

So yeah, drinks on me! :cheers


Welcome in the name of Hashut and all of us too. Don’t worry I’m new too haven’t even been here a month yet.


Welcome aboard


Welcome to the forum, a beer on me :cheers


Hi dwarf of the end times, i already replied to your post on the intro forum