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HI this is my Infernal Castellan

Sgt Smythe approached the strange dark armored dwarf noting the size and strength of the units about him, the rumors were true. Dwarves and goblins were working together! His garrison could not possibly stop them, he must stall them until the Prince arrived. But before he could muster the courage to speak, the strange dwarf began to bellow.

"I am Uthred Bloodbanner Goldgiver and Slaver. I am Dawi Zarr and I am your doom manthing! I hold no loyalty to Sorcerer Prophet or Hold . I come for your ore and your people, you are my cattle and it is time for the harvest. If you wish to live, bring me 3/5 of your cattle and your soft people or I will take it all, turn your land to ruin and leave you with but ash in your mouth. Tell your Border Prince he has but 3 days."

As the dwarf’s voice still echoed off the mountains Sgt. Smythe hurried to deliver the message though he felt doom was upon them all.

This is what I’ve got so far. What do you think?



This is Uhtred I think I’m getting the hang of the picture thing



Tad more focus on the pic, also google how to do a shadow box. That will help a ton with taking the pic, mainly it will say have a light color back ground behind the entire thing. Lastly make sure your macro is on and I personally would take the pic slightly up and in front.


There aren’y likely to be any improved pictures from JonJon coming to the forum any time soon.

If you take a look at JonJon’s current ranking on the forum (under his screen name in his profile above), you can see that he’s currently banned, hence his screen name being crossed out too. Too bad, as I’d have liked to see an improved picture and all.


Ugly Green Trog:

Named for Bernard Cornwells Uhtred of Bebbanburg by any chance? :slight_smile: Love those books, cool model too!