[Archive] uk earthquake


well, who felt the 5.2 earthquake at 1am this morning and where were you at the time??

i was reading skavenslayer in bed and everything started to rumble like a large truck was going by


i heard about it on 4chan. but i live in the US and A so id have to say i didnt! :slight_smile:


I felt it (west midlands). Reading Grudgelore at the time.


I didn’t felt it , I live in the Netherlans, but I saw it on the television


I felt it (birmingham), sitting on my sofa and it felt like sumbody was rocking it. Only lasted 10 secs or so, luckily i finished painting eyes onto my IG, there’s nothing more annoying than geography ruining your paintwork


I had just finished a long history essay and was hopping on one leg at the time (for reasons I’ll not divulge here). I subsequently fell over when it hit, and once I had got up noticed that my sculpting tools and paintbrushes had moved about an inch to the left. Everything else was fine, so I went to bed, and only found out about it in the morning.


Was painting hobbos at the time. Fortunatly no models were harmed.


We have had a few of those here in western NY. Last one was 1999.


An earthquake in the UK? Whoa!? Sounds like that rift under Cardiff they showed on Doctor Who is opening up!

We don’t get much activity like that in Southern Ontario, Canada. There was one about 5-6 years ago if memory serves, but very minor. I work on the 8th floor of a 10 floor building and there was a wobble, like when a large truck drives past you very close, but nothing more.

Hope you guys are ok. It sucks to be modelling/painting something in an earthquake. And if you are playing WH…

Each unit takes +D6 S5 hits from the earthquake!


I didn’t even realize that there could be earthquakes in the UK! I hope there wasn’t a lot of damage or anything - does this kind of thing happen a lot? I’m with GRNDL, we don’t get much of anything in the way of ‘natural disasters’ in southern Alberta either.


Does anybody know why there are earthquakes in the UK? Its not like there are any fault lines about.


I felt it.

I was up converting the new chaos dwarf I came up with (and getting realy annoyed as hwo I have lost the ability to sculpt beards) when the ground started shaking, i got cover in chaos balack pain…

and my cat fell of a cubopaurd on to the dog, who ran into the door, then a bunch of oer crazy stuff happened which resulted in m paint tin flipping and hitting me (they where closed but OW!)

it was unusual


so you need some new chaos black paint, how are your cat and dog doing now ?


i live in the land of cheese and we have no such silly things as the shaking of the earth. wisconsin does get it’s fair share of winter snow storms this year though…[/align]


At least now you’ll know how your opponent feels next time you fire an Earthshaker at him.

Hashut’s Blessing:

Normally, we just get the aftershocks of everyone elses. (We get the most tornadoes in the world though). I was told by my housemates it was 4.7 on the Richter scale and it lasted 10 seconds at 1am this morning. I’m in Chester.


we got it 5.3 for a while here, that was annoying

and yes, i do need more black

the cat and dog are fine realy, the cat got fed in the middle of the night (awhich porobably made it happy) and the dog got to run free for about an hour before it came home (my parents forgot to close the door when they went to check what it was)


I’m from California so I’m used to this, 5.2 ins’t that bad…

Kera foehunter:

well guys i hope every thing ok!!

Well where i live the last one we had 1980 .But we have had are share of ice storms and snow


I didn't even realize that there could be earthquakes in the UK!  I hope there wasn't a lot of damage or anything - does this kind of thing happen a lot?  I'm with GRNDL, we don't get much of anything in the way of 'natural disasters' in southern Alberta either.

yeah theres about 300 per year, most humans cant feel them but the one the other day was 5.2 and was the biggest in 24 years over here