[Archive] UK Grand Tournament Chaos Dwarfs

Ghrask Dragh:

just the one one pic I’m afraid from the Warhammer forum…

Lord Zarkov:

Looks cool!

Using Dwarf rules I’d guess


Hashut statue with a Lammasu head. WOW!!!

Looks great.


i really like the black cauldron. whoever it is did a good job.


Looking very good. Any news on how this army fared?


That altar is just fantastic, the lavaflow and statue :o

Using Dwarf rules I’d guess

Lord Zarkov
Aye. Spot an Organ gun, anvil, miners, thunderers and warriors. Possibly hammerers in the back there with great weapons.



The photo is too small! need close ups! Whose is it?


thats an awesome statue

Ghrask Dragh:

I’ll try and get more pics for us!

For now here are some pics of the amazing Tzeentch army and a close up the ‘anvil of doom’…


looks like a great CD army. i totally agree that the statue is awsome.

Uzkul Werit:

That statue must be an Anvil. Using the Dwarf rules explains the lack of Earthshakers.


Isnt that the Tzeentch List in the “A tale of 4”. That temple and cultists just seem so familiar. As does a few other units but quite abit of it new too. That Daemon Prince for example… and what a model it is. Looking at it looks like either Archaons steed or a dark elf pegasi and Belakor. Breathtaking army.

The closeup just states it even more clearly. That statue or really the entire altar is pure awesome. Fantastic.



Wow! Truly inspiring, though using dwarf rules is no fun! They get no great tauruses or Lammasus to ride, and they have no true magic!


That Tzeentch army is brilliant!! And the anvil continues to be awesome as well. Which forum are these pictures coming from?


The anvil looks amazing I love the burning slave.

Ishkur Cinderhat:

Boy that Tzeentch army is awesome. :o

And the cauldron is brilliant - in a sadistic and very grim way. ^^


you can find the tzeentch army here, the painter is french :wink:


it is a marvelous work :D[/quote]


omagawd omagawd! Link me to the thread from the Warhammer forum!! I need to pester this guy for images.





Will get some new photos done up soon, got a few repairs to make to the warriors after a little accident my 6th game opponent had with his tape measure :slight_smile:

Finished 60th, despite my anvil detonating itself in 3 games.

Ghrask Dragh:

These guys are amazing!! Thanks for the pics, can’t wait to see more!