[Archive] Undeadninjas Booster themed Chaos Dwarf Army


Inspiration has struck! I think I need to make an army based on this guy.

Booster, from Super Mario RPG.

All the war machines will be crewed by his Snifits, and they’ll fire bullet bills. Or perhaps Thwomps. And there will be toys EVERYWHERE!!

At least, I could do that… Whatever the case, now I know what my general should look like, so at the very least I’ll be making a model of Booster.


Great idea man!

Wario is quite CDish two, and maybe King Kooper as a hobbo hero!

If you do this project I would be very interested in how it turns out.


Awesome idea; can’t wait to see the teeth on your conversions! :slight_smile:

- McNs

Kera foehunter:

his teeth are cool and his eyes have that look of leadership. cant wait to see them


its interesting… right after I made this post, I began doubting whether or not I should continue making chaos dwarfs… I mean… its a lot of work, and I really don’t think I can play them well… Its a long road, and I’ve basically got one person rooting for me who I barely ever see…

Anyway, I’ve decided to forget about quitting, because thats not gonna happen. This model may take some time though.

But what I should probably do is finish the units I’ve done so far, and paint them. At the very least I should paint the unit of Blunderbussiers I’ve finished. I’ll put some pictures of them up when I can.

And just a sidenote, its Booster, not Wario. Although he was probably heavily inspired by Wario.


Ok, I think theming the army off of Booster may not work out so well… but he’ll still be my general. He’ll probably be a Lord, but I still need to make a Great Taurus then.

Until now I wanted to finish converting all the models I have and then paint them. But thats kinda tedious, so I think I’ll start painting them soon. Here’s a checklist of the models I have, and need. None of them are finished to any reasonable standard.

What I’ll need for a 2250 army I made:

1 Lord on Great Taurus - Working on the Lord, the Taurus isn’t even close

2 Sorcerers - Done for a while, though one’s a bit sad…

1 Hero with Great Weapon - Built, and with a totally awesome hammer (Quake Hammer from Warmachine)

12 GW Chaos Dwarfs - 5 done, 3 in the works, 2 base models to begin with

20 HW Chaos Dwarfs - 7 done, 5 candidates waiting to be schmelted

15 BB Chaos Dwarfs - 10 done.

48 Hobgoblins with LA/Sh - 20 ish done? several more in the works, about 35 in total

10 Hobgoblin Wolf Riders with LA/Sh - I have 2 wolfs, and no riders (the spider riders really don’t work)

19 Orc Big 'Unz - not even purchased, though easy once done

6 Bull Centaurs - Not started (should I use Empire Knights as a base?)

1 Earthshaker Cannon - looks demented and demonic, but it is constructed. Only one crew though.

So, I should probably paint the models I have done, just to encourage me to finish the rest. The question is what colors to use… Are there any colors you would like to see chaos dwarfs be?

edit: As a sidenote, I’ve also made a hero with two handweapons, a hobgoblin hero with a kusari-gama, two hobgoblin bolt throwers (no crew), a death rocket (1 crew), and 5 sneaky gits.