[Archive] Underdark Campaign, Any CD players interested?


By request I have started a thread here, to see if anyone is interested.

On the Underempire they are running an online campaign that focus on the area of tunnels under the Darklands. When it started the campaign had a chaos dwarf faction that was sadly defeated.

If there are enough people we could attempt to restart the Chaos Dwarf faction and reclaim the Underdark.

The Underempire - Battlefield Hacks

You don�?Tt actually need to play any games, if you read the rules you will notice that you receive spoils (In game money) from simply ordering your character to do stuff and you do not need to play a single game or write a single story. (though its hoped you will).

Basically you log on once every two weeks and submit your orders for the turn.

Hashut’s Blessing:

I too was invited to this and once I’ve read through it all a little better and happy to jump in! Should we organise something akin to the Nemsis Crown council?

(Bring in the Diabullus!)


I’m sure most of us could manage half an hour every 2 weeks to discuss plans.

Let’s see how many people are interested. No doubt the person who contacted me will give me some advice on how many people it would take for us to have an impact.


I’d been in for this!

Hashut’s Blessing:

Not sure if we had the same contact. Regardless, he said he’d jump ship (with his current ownings in the campaign) to the CD side if there were enough of us, so that’s 4 of us so far :wink:


i haven’t posted on this forum for ages, and even then hardly at all, but i often take a look over the site and saw this. and as i am now addicted to online campaigns (a4, a4.5 and t&g which is happening now)

but i do have my converted chaos dwarfs somewhere, about 2000 points or so. so i would willing to give this a go, it sounds great fun!