[Archive] Unfinished Modular Castle


Here is a castle I started while I worked as a master Carpenter for a theater.  PLenty of access to lots of free scrap.  Most of the castle is built out of 2" foam, I cut the crenellations using a band saw.  The main keep is made from foam, plywood, cardboard tubes, and bendy-board.  I intend to make a main hinged type gate that will actually open… eventually.  I also will put on some detail work as it looks rather drab.  I have 2 different kinds of tower, a second main (rear) gate  and over 8 feet of wall!  I made corner pieces which I did not photo, and several different stair units for the insides, as well as smaller wall sections, and ruined wall sections.  This is a non-denominational castle…  I didn’t make it with any specific race in mind…


Here is a close up of the main keep


Here is the back of the main keep… overlooking the inside of the castle.  I imagine the throne room to be here, and a giant metal plate would slide in place to cover the window in the event of a breach in the castle wall to help maintain defense!


Here is a pic of a ruined wall section replacing a wall…  once a seige is underway and it has been destroyed!


Here is the smaller main gate with the portcullis detail…  this came out pretty good.  My plan is to create a giant skull with an open mouth.  The top of the tower has a whole cut into it where defenders can pour boiling oil and it would pour out of the skull’s mouth onto anyone attempting to break into the rear door.


Wow :slight_smile: Cool work :slight_smile:

Imo,try to take the places of clearances of bricks. Or repaint it so that it was made from stone blocks

Now looks a bit too sterile - as Bretonian castle :slight_smile:


Now this looks really sweet. One of the most creative castles i’ve seen. That reminds me I need to finish my lizardmen fort.


Great stuff dude! :cheers

Really impressive!

The only thing to criticize are the windows … they look much too “unrealistic”.

I cannot describe it better in english … damn!



Great stuff dude! :cheers

Really impressive!

The only thing to criticize are the windows ... they look much too "unrealistic".

I cannot describe it better in english ... damn!


Yeah the windows have always bothered me, but like I said it is unfinished, I do have several carved stone sections that I haven't finished that will be attached to the bottom of the wall sections.  I want to add some dimension to the windows, to give them depth... the "t" shaped ones anyway.  Not sure how yet... maybe some green stuff now that I am working with that...  that way I can shape it the way I want and add individual stone definition...  but that is a project for another day!  I haven't played with it in a game yet... just played with it with my kids!


The castle is looking really nice imo, but the only thing that doesn’t sit right with me is the basing.  I think you need a lot more colours/ textures.


Yeah, I used a stone spraypaint, that didn’t really come out well in the pics, I first based the foam with jaxsan to allow it to be sprayed, which gave it a pebble-like look to it… but it is not really castle-y… I should have carved stones into it first… but I was trying to rush as I was leaving the job… I made carved stone parts out of 2" high MDF with a dremmel drill, I just haven’t painted them up and glued them to the main portions of the walls yet… It will make a huge difference… I agree though more textures/colors… and I think I’m going to ad shields to the exteriors of the battlements… and maybe some flags or something…

Tarrakk Blackhand:

Looks great! I always wanted to make a castle on a hill. Makes it more difficult to take siege.

Kera foehunter:

looks great im very inpressed !! great job !! great foam work did you use a foam cutter??

and more inpressed there no blood * Kera smiles *


no, no foam cutter, band saw and table saw, and then box cutters for detail. Thanks!!!