[Archive] Unit filler new pics

Kera foehunter:

For awhile i have been trying to get my chaos dwarfs

Started. But i have failed:(

so while working on other project i came up with this

a dwarf anvil / demon summoning Piece of work

throw i don’t know why :hat off

But i though i would put it up to trade  knowing maybe someone

might want it??

I will add flames if ya want to make it more deamon like

so here i go , i would like to trade it for new Forge world core troops 10 of them

or 10 old tall hat blunderbusses

or maybe some thing  else

  and if not it cool to but enjoy the pictures

And here a big picture to see the details

Just pm me  if interested

Thanks you all so much  Kera

Da Crusha:

whoa and your throwing in a nude lady as well, just to sweeten the deal?!?

Kera foehunter:

I did some work to make it more chaos dwarfish. Lots of fire

this is the model pimped out you still get the other girl and bace

it would make a cool addion to anyone army


Cool Kdaai style filler. Cannot wait for seeing it painted