[Archive] Units of 10 naked hobgoblins?


The thing about having a small unit is that against large shooting armies they will flee. Take my “winces” Wood Elf army for instance. In my 2000 point list I have nine separate units that can shoot and a couple more that can shoot special stuff. I have three units of scouts. So say a unit of ten hobgoblins is coming round. I fire one unit of scouts at the goblins. On average, 4 out of 5 will hit and those will all wound. One will pass armour save. So that is one panic test.

Then take into account that my scouts are deployed 30" from my main bow-line. Each unit will be wiped out by scouts as they get there leaving my Glade Guard to shoot them. Alternatively my Glade Riders will ride 18" from my line an fire there bows. (I do love being able to move 18" and shoot with no penalties!) that is 6 casulties from them, unit down to 1 man. No longer a threat, They would be absolutely slaughtered by well planned shooty units and armies. 20 however would get too close for comfort.

Border Reiver:

But, and it is a substantial but, if you’re spending time shooting at my small throwaway units, then the rest of my army is doing what I want them to and the small unit of 10 hobgoblins is doing what I want them to - providing a distraction to your units and preventing them from doing what needs to be done. 20 points well spent


Only my piddly scouting units are taking care of them, my main force (40 Glade Guard) will still be killing your dwarves.


I see naked hobos as a great tool-

1) 20pts for ten- when our base warriors are 9pts per guy.

2) I would gladly rather exchange blows on a throw away unit, instead of taking warrior or BO hits.

3) I heard a lot of chat about 20 instead of 10, keep in mind that if ur throwing that unit away, You might as well get 2 10 man units. Hobos are so cheap that we can build are armies off having tons of them. But 20 hobos has more utility.

4) I like units of 10 naked, 10 hobobows, 20 naked, 20/25/30 armored, and i like units of 50 naked(next to the LD bubble) I like hobo units.

I think some people forget that a throw away unit can be a thrown away in melee as well as in range.


Your measly little scouts are still wasting time on my almost pointless(0pts) hobos. Your shots would almost always be better spent shotting at my war machines- or even my 10man hobobows.


Naked hobbos is an empire player’s dream come true. It’s like having a detachment that costs quite literally next to nothing. I incorporate at least 2 units of into my 2000 point army, and that’s only because I don’t have enough models. I’m gonna buy a box of those plague skaven things to convert into hobbos so I’ll have 4 units. That’s 80 points of redirectors, cannon fodder and makeshift flankers.


What do you have that auto wounds hobbos? your scouts will only wound on 4s. Unless you mean waywatchers, and if you waste a round of waywatcher shooting on naked hobbos you are making a mistake. Also, in your example two units were distracted, and one was pulled out of position by a 20 pt. unit, which costs the same as 2 of your elves. A bad trade for CD? I think not.


But the position I would move it to has other advantages, I can disrupt you dwarves marching, I can have a little trip round the side to take out warmachine crew. I normally put a hero in that unit, that would wipe out that unit in one.