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Godbob and his jolly rogers:

I was looking at Grims thread about CD Ld and I thought with the whole universal rule thing what rule would you like CD to have

I thought whenever the enemy charges a CD they must role a D6 on the role of a 6 the unit must take a Ld test if they fail this they can’t charge if they pass they can charge as normal.

I think it’s fluffy as who wouldn’t be scared as the unit they charge will most likley enslave them

What do you think :slight_smile:

Thommy H:

So they cause Fear on a D6 roll of 6 each time someone declares a charge? Too complex - anything that requires two rolls to take effect needs to be simplified. Also, I don’t buy your fluff justification - why are they scarier than Dark Elves? Why are they not as scary as Dryads (who always cause fear, not just 1/6th of the time)? I also think it contradicts Chaos Dwarfs’ established place in the Warhammer world - they come from the east, and are almost unknown to most Old Worlders. How could they have any kind of reputation?

Tarrakk Blackhand:

Give them longer range and bigger blunderbusses! :smiley:

Thommy H:

That wouldn’t be a “universal rule” would it? :wink:

Viskar Zhragoth:

Not sure we need any universal rules…

But to change Kera’s why not all units attempting to charge CD’s lose d3 to their charge movement? that’s the mechanic…not really sold on it, but it would work better than the possible rule and 2 rolls.

Only rules that tend to make a lot of sense to me is universal hatred or enslavement…but they gave that to the DE/Corsairs…

Now, I think they need to modify blunderbusses (especially have the rule that they can shoot as normal at large targets (or anyone they don;t want to hit with “Volley”). But I’m not sure longer range works with the weapon…at least keep movement. IE 18" NOT move or fire would work, but if they can move and fire for mechanics it will probably stay 12". Me, I’d rather it stay 12", but let us march and fire…ie, with reg movement, we get no penalty, and if we march we can still fire, but at -1…

But that is not a universal rule…you are right Tommy H.

Godbob and his jolly rogers:

I get what you are saying

And Thommy H they don’t cause fear it’s just you have to take a test why charging them

I was thinking of copying the slaver rule with DE but I thought dwarfs can’t run that far

So dose any one eles have any ideas?

Thommy H:

And Thommy H they don't cause fear it's just you have to take a test why charging them
So would models that are immune to psychology also be affected?


This isn’t original, but the good dwarfs have that relentless rule that lets them march even when they wouldn’t normally be able to, an extremely nice thing so that your m3 army doesn’t grind to a halt when a gyrocoptor or bat or fly decide to get too close. Most armies are m4 after all, so they could charge a march blocking unit. I think a cool original thing for CD would be “extreme bitterness,” where models who die in the first round of combat get to strike back anyways. It fits with how tough they are, as well as how spiteful and mean the little blighters are. Also, this would help make up for how cd warriors never charge without a mistake on their opponent’s part.

Hashut’s Blessing:

Tommy H, it’s actually a 1/6th chance that they will cause fear and count as outnumbering.

I think originality is best, so no relentless equivalent IMO.

That extreme bitterness is a bit too powerful for a universal rule as well, in my opinion and their toughness shows how tough they are.

GSF has already started a thread almost exactly the same as this one and I made a suggestion there that I simply can’t recall. However, it seems that re-rolls is becoming a symbol of univeral rules (yes, I know HEs have ASF, not a re-roll, but Chaos has re-roll panic and DE have re-roll to hit in first combats), so why not some kind of re-roll ability? All CD units may re-roll armour saves (a little OP) or re-roll to wound (also a little OP probably).

Godbob and his jolly rogers:

HB what about re-roll there pursuit roll? to show how devoted they are to kill there enemy

And Thommy yes those who are ItP wont have to take a test

Thommy H:

Well if models who are ItP aren’t effected, then you might as well call it Fear. It’s simpler that way. Still too complicated though.

Hashut’s Blessing:

Godbob, that seems strange since they have 2D6-1" as they’re pursuit and also, they’re likely to want to capture rather than kill. Than cruel, not mindless :wink: