[Archive] Unorthodox conversions: bits/items used


What are some of your more unusual conversions? What are some of the strange things you’ve used in your conversions?


I will have to post up a picture of my Ahriman conversion… I includes the Ahriman model, the bottom part of a flamer model, the bird head from an old school tzeentch champion model. The wings from a metal pegasus, and the metal chaos spawn arms from another model. it fell apart in our recent move, so perhaps I will just photograph it as is…


spiders + deamonettes I think or a space marine yet pack (I belive) on my loader for my deathrocket


I’ve made an Ork dread from Ghazghkull, a Space Marine Dreadnought and an Ork Dread arm.  Can’t think of any really unorthodox warhammer ones I’ve done. Maybe my Organ gun (2 barrels above, 2 below), but that didn’t really use many other bits than those from the sprue.

Hashut’s Blessing:

Empire wizard with new spawn head, daemonette standard, Tzeentch symbol on top, spawn tail, random other parts and GS for a Herald of Tzeentch.

A Bloodletter bursting out of the chest of an Empire Warrior Priest.


oh that reminds me of the Greater deamon of tzeentch we did at the local GW store when I worked there. We had it stepping through the C’tan Deceiver model… it was right hot, but I never took a picture of it before it was auctioned off one day.

Kera foehunter:

Dwarf !!!twisting them into pirates and cd!

soon ogres!!