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Welcome to the Unsealed Catacombs!

What is this thread and why does it exist?

Chaos Dwarfs Online is a site which has accumulated over the last decade or so a not inconsiderable amount of history, a large number of very talented people have come and gone and many of them have left behind amazing things which have not seen the light of day in a long time on the forum; impressive collections of classic miniatures, amazing conversions, one of a kind sculpts, incredible paint jobs, and over all just heaps of creativity and talent put into the hobby.

Unsealed Catacombs is a thread where we can look back on those hidden treasures of CDO and take a moment to appreciate, remember, and discuss the work of members who for whatever reason are no longer with us on the forum.

How does it work?

Any forum member who wishes to is invited to write a �?ospotlight post�?� for a long time absent member whose work he or she thinks is worth excavating. The spotlight post should include these three things; some explanation as to why you chose the member in question, some pictures of their work, and at least one link to the spotlighted member’s thread. How you do this is entirely up to you, it can be long or concise, in or out of character, framed as a short story, or just a little blurb that ticks off all the boxes for the general outline listed above.

After a member has been spotlighted we will let the thread focus on that member exclusively for one week to allow time to discuss their work, dig through their old posts and threads, share more pictures, and I imagine senior members might sometimes also have other things to share about them as well.

Before posting a spotlight please double check The Rules below.

How do I share pictures from another person’s thread?

The easiest way to do it is to right click the image, select �?oCopy Image Location�?� then inside the new reply you are writing hit the �?oInsert Image Button�?� and paste the image location into the information bar which appears. This method does not work for a quick reply.

Should I post something in the spotlighted member’s original threads?

I strongly advise you not to.

I have been contacted by multiple CDO Admins letting me know that while they like the idea of this thread and that there is nothing wrong with a little threadomancy now and again, they do not want this thread to go around habitually resurrecting old topics left and right.

What if I AM (or was) the spotlighted member and I see this nonsense!? I ain’t dead yet!

I’d like to personally invite you to please come back and haunt this thread any time you like; Call all us new members beardlings, tell us to get off your lawn, say hi to old friends, and generally chastise us for daring to awaken you from your ancient slumber.

If this thread helps a long time absent member back on the site and working on more Chaos Dwarfs I’d be absolutely thrilled.

What if I find a member who deserves spotlighting but I don’t have the time/don’t want to do it myself?

Feel free to PM me and I’ll be happy to

The Rules

1) Please keep your posts at least tangentially related to the spotlighted member or their work during their allotted time (One Week)

2) Don’t overlap your spotlight post with another members, check the time of the last spotlight post before doing your own. If you accidentally break this rule please delete your post and save it until after the time has elapsed.

3) Members must have not visited CDO in at least a year and a half (18 months) to be eligible for the spotlight. Check their user profile to see how long its been since they visited.

4) Please send the member a courtesy PM before making your spotlight post (just in case).

Please PM me after posting your spotlight so I can update the threads header with the member’s name and information



Army Showcase Medal, Golden Hat - Gold, Golden Hat - Silver

I found Snotling’s work before I even joined CDO, when I was just lurking the forum and browsing the Golden Hat winners section on the main website. I remember stumbling across this:

and thinking �?oMan that’s a cool conversion!�?�. Having his work spread out a bit across a few different threads I had only seen a few random tidbits while digging around randomly in the archives, it wasn’t until I started digging around for the express purpose of the Unsealed Catacombs that I finally found his main army blog and wow was I impressed! The sheer originality of his work is amazing, you’ll never see another collection of Dawi Zharr with the same character as Snotlings, and I think his works speaks for it self.

A great chaos Dwarf miner, wearing an awful lot of warpstones I presume as a light source (or perhaps Skaven bait)

These are about a quarter of the incredibly characterful Hobgoblins he made, I really recommend taking the time to find the rest of the unit

A unit of blunderbuss with a crucified puppet, if you look through his collection you will see more creepy voodoo themes which he meshes incredibly well with the chaos dwarf aesthetic

My personal favorite his collection of unique Sorcerors, practicitions of the lores of Fire, Shadow, Death, and Metal respectivly from left to right (pictures of them as individual models can be found amongst his work)

allot of his work can be found here, but other little treasures are spread around a bit: http://www.chaos-dwarfs.com/forum/showthread.php?tid=488

I’ve shown allot but certainly not all of Snotling’s cool stuff, I really recommend taking the time to look through his stuff on your own if you have never seen it before (or even you old timers who haven’t looked at in years). Please feel free to share more of his work here as well.

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Weeeellll… despite not exactly being a huge success with zero responses and not an awful lot of views (lol despite going so far are to even make a banner) I�?Tm going to continue on with the Unsealed Catacombs. I�?Td like to see more of Snotlings stuff brought to light so I�?Tm going to go ahead and image dump allot of his cooler stuff.

His converted Dwarf Warriors I think are some of the best vanilla dwarves into chaos I have ever seen, I think it was Willimark who commented that his work set a new standard for these kind of conversions and while I love all the Chaos Dwarf miniature lines which have come along I have to say innovative and passionate conversions like would be great to see again

While I�?Tm a more classic style Hob fan myself, I think you would be hard pressed to find Hobgoblin minions that are having more delightfully sinister fun then Snotling�?Ts

Also this enslaved troll is damn cool, love the mask

Puppets, puppets, puppets�?� these creepy little guys really made his army unique, that extra edge of black magic really tied things togeather.

Hope people enjoyed seeing these little blasts from the past, not sure when I’ll do another one myself, but the invitation still stands for other members to do spotlight posts :cheers

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…By any chance do you have pics of his Bolt Throwers?


I enjoy it for sure! Thanks for running this. :hat off

It’ll be a good summary of the many gems on Chaos Dwarfs Online, and a good way for people looking for inspiration to find the best of the best. I must’ve misread something completely when quick-skimming earlier, because I got the misconception that there was a weekly theme of member. No idea how that misunderstanding popped up.

Snotling’s work is fantastic, and it is very good to see some of the best compiled here for easy view. I can’t promise when, but I aim to participate in suchlike archaeological dig of this forum a bit later on.


Yes actually

the Hob on the right their is having allot of fun :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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This thread might become a prime place to scoop up images for backup on one’s own computer and cloud, so that they don’t become lost by time.


Yeah while digging around for candidates for the thread, I was checking the back logs of allot of old time Golden Hat winners and found that allot of them all had broken image links in their threads, for allot of great contributors all that remains are their Golden Hat entries.

Also on a related note if he is listening @Bassman please repost you images! What little I have glimpsed of your stuff is amazing, please share your work again!


@Admiral I was getting a little worried maybe some people got that idea, what I was getting at was essentily for atleast the one week keep the topic of discussion related to the member we’re highlighting, I certainly didnt mean to imply not to reply at all for a week :stuck_out_tongue:

Also of note, it looks like most of the surviving photos of yore all used photobucket, very reliable photo hosting.

Timothy Archer:

Snotling is a really cool guy , i saw him frequently when i was living in berlin , his army is amazing , everything is great , the painting , the sculpting , the détails … alles gut !


Snotling was a beast!

Carcearion check out Ishkur Cinderhat as well! <3


Snotling was a legend.  So inspirational for me and I believe a lot of us at the time.

Infact, I seem to recall there being a few people thinking in a similar way at the same time back then; Exquisite Evil with his inspired BfSP conversions, which then kicked off Xander’s video tutorials and a rapid increase in CDO membership.  Think Snotling was a little bit later, but drew inspiration from Xander and the guys.

I would absolutely recommend Ishkur as well, and Bassman

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Xanders BfSP conversion videos was what really got me hyped in 2007. I knew I didn’t have the persistency to do it myself, but I started looking seriously for an already painted army, which I found in 2011. I never read Exquisite Evil’s blog I think, but saw gorgeous pics in WoH.

Yeah Bassman was glorious as well <3

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Full circle. I remember someone on Warseer sharing a BFSP masked Chaos Dwarf conversion back when BFSP was new, and I did my own back then though didn’t paint it. The one on Warseer was almost certainly based on Xander’s tutorial, though I did not know of CDO at that time. And now I’m sculpting stuff for casting here, in this creative hobby hub par excellence.

Great work, all you veterans! Those nets cast yielded catches long and well. :cheers



[align=center]We risk an almost complete breakdown of continuity in images[/align]

With the recent Photobucket trouble we’ll have to ask ourselves what legends of old should be targeted for photo backup? This is a disaster to continuity and it seems we have scarce time to act before the old photos go completely unavailable. As of now, it is possible to right-click pictures under lockdown, choose view image in new tab and copy it from there.

Remember that Imageshack has already robbed us of archive material, and the Photobucket strike is much larger in scope. We risk losing almost everything old which new members have stumbled upon through the years, taking inspiration from old masters.

I know I’ll not have much time to contribute with in the coming weeks. I must fix some Golden Hat entries today and maybe tomorrow, but I could help some after that, within limitations. If many of us could help some, it would add up. This is not drudgery which anyone wish to do during the summer, but it is now or never, unless Photobucket come to their senses and change direction completely.


Can we please gather links to the logs and work of inactive members which we’d particularly like to see saved from the looming disaster? Then we could chew through the threads one at a time and avoid redundant double-work by advancing which thread/member we each pick. An all-out manual trawl of the whole log section could maybe be possible, but it would be true slave labour. Realistically, we should target worthy pictures in particular.

If we can establish a link list, then some volunteers could possibly wade through it to save backup copies on their own computer, to be transferred to some free and currently stable photohosting site such as Imgur. From there, we could re-upload some stuff in big chunks with lots of photos.

Please remember that artwork should be saved along with miniature photos.

See here for the salvage thread.

Also, see m3lvin’s stuff.


Snotlings army is truly unique and inspirational. This thread is a Great idea. By Hashuts black beard unseal another tomb!


Well, Ishkur springs to mind! Has anybody got images of his army?


Unfortunatly Ishkur’s work was lost even before the photobucket disaster- the only snipits of his work that survive are in the Golden Hat entries on the site main page.


And in Word of Hashut and Thommy H’s various army book incarnations. These electronic publications have suddenly taken on importance for preserving past lore, so to speak.

Although the media, ramifications and circumstances are vastly different, there are clear parallels between loss of the ancient world’s art and knowledge and the loss of Internet images (and sites filled with creativity). Flickr, Imageshack and now Photobucket. What will survive online in the close future will be old material hosted on other sites, old forum attachments, pictures salvaged and reuploaded by others, material reuploaded by the creators themselves, fuzzy Google image search yields; and nuggets contained in such things as Word of Hashut and homebrew army books (not even touching on losses outside the wargaming hobby niche).

The digital loss of e.g. Ishkur Cinderhat’s main works looks in its final results eerily much like the loss of e.g. much of the Roman writer Tacitus’ scholarly work (although Ishkur could always return).

So grinds the teeth of time.


Well written Admiral! I saved a lot of the images from the blogs in a folder for inspiration but all was lost at the latest computer swipe i did :frowning: .