[Archive] (Updated 1-28-14 Hell Canon) Squig's Chaos Dwarfs

giantsquig :

Ever since I saw the FW Chaos Dwarf mins I kew they were going to be my next army. It was love at first sight. Many of you may have seen my Destroyer WIP thread and my test mini thread but since I will be doing an entire army I figured it was time to move it over here.

So with out further a due here are some pics of my force.

army shot

First four painted IG

I want to put a glowing rune on their shields. I’m still working on the technique not quite sure on how to do that yet…

More to come… stay tuned.

[align=center]2017 Image Salvage



I want to put a glowing rune on their shields. I'm still working on the technique not quite sure on how to do that yet...

It would look best if you would engrave the rune into the shield, and then paint the innerds with a glow, maybe use a little bit of source lighting.


Looks a good start.

I will follow this one with interest.

The Destroyer looks like you’ve put a lot of green-stuff on there, I look forward to seeing it painted.




Nice looking army. I really like the color scheme you have chosen. Nice work all around.

Kera foehunter:

what a great start to your army G S. Looking forward to see more


Have to agree, looks very good! Give me a peak on that fireborn(?)!

giantsquig :

Shots fo the Destroyer

Vardan Painkiller:

K’daii rocks.

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giantsquig :

I want to start painting my Destroyer tonight but I’m not sure on how I want to paint it.

1) Should I do the flames in a traditional yellow/red/orange, go blue, or go “magical” green or purple.

2) for the “stone” plates should I make it match the stones that I have the dwarfs standing on or go with black.

giantsquig :

Here are some wip shots of the destroyer.

The stone plates match the stones the IG are standing on and the purple fire is only base coated. The purple matches the purple dreads on the IG and eventually they will have purple runes on their shields.

Fire highlights


That Destroyer looks very good!

The chains and the purple colour make it really special.


Reminds me of a old UK TV Ad for Quality Street chocolates… The Purple People eater! That aside looks good though :slight_smile:

giantsquig :

Update on the fire. I have not had much time to paint lately :frowning:

here is a pic of the base coat and some highlights.

Base coat


I’m thinking it needs more contrast go almost white in the reassesses and black on the tips of the flames.

Any thoughts?

giantsquig :

Made the reassesses a little brighter

Guess what these are fore :slight_smile:

Lava Lord:

:hat off great start for your army. That destroyer is something else. Can’t wait to see it done. :o

giantsquig :

After I put my daughter to bed finishes the bases for the first regiment of infernal guard. Going for melting snow


Loving the destroyer!! Great work, keep it up!

Looking forward to seeing how the army develops. :slight_smile:

Kera foehunter:

Nice movement stand,I always love snowy bases but i yet to have any


The snow effects looking great


cool army, that Destroyer is very impressive.