[Archive] [Updated 10/21/2008] Grunts' Chaos Dwarfs


Finished the first of two bolt throwers today. What do you think?



Very nice work - again Grunts :hat off - as I said in the Golden Hat #3 voting thread it’s great to see new approaches to hobbos - or should we just call them CD allied or even CD slaves:).

You did a great paintjob here - and I really like your choise of skincolour. Would you mind reveal the secret of your technique.

And I also like the choise of model to represent the bolt thrower - I will do a similiar version later on.


Why thank you clam, always glad to hear that my concepts are well received.

The skin is a base of Vomit brown, given a wash with a 60/40 mix of Fiery Orange and Bestial Brown (respectively). This is then given a liberal drybrushing with Vomit Brown, followed by a lighter drybrushing of Bubonic Brown.

I look forward to seeing some posts of your models. :hat off


Patience my friend, patience:rolleyes:

Still collecting bits, I am!


I love the posing on your gnoblagoblin crew nice BT and basing mate:hat off


The idea is raw and new to me. So I defentlly enjoy your army man! But I still prefer the masks. :hashut


Finished the first of two bolt throwers today.��What do you think?

Hashut will reward you for your dedication:hashutBy the way thier great , keep up the good work!


Hello again everybody! I’ll apologize right now for the long absence; I got completely burned out after building and painting a full 2000pt. army in a week last fall and haven’t really touched a brush or putty since. But my buddy talked me into entering the West Coast Mayhem tournament next month so I’m back full force! The devout of Hashut need to be represented so I only hope I can make the old bull proud. Haven’t got much to show yet, but here’s the start on what will be either a sorcerer or a sorcerer lord (all depending on the paint job).


I apologize for the blurriness, it looked better when I took it and I’ve misplaced my camera somehow. If you can’t tell, its the Gotrek model from the special edition White Dwarf on shield with Gotrek and Bugman as shieldbearers. Used my dremel tool to remove the mohawk and beard and added the warpstone chunk from the Skaven Plague Monk box to the stump where he is supposed to hold the shield.

Ghrask Dragh:

Hello again it’s been a while, still the best hobbo’s in the buisness, I like the look of your new sorcerer!

I’ve seen a couple of staffs like that now, I always think they should be longer, maybe just a little bit more going behind his back? His left hand looks really interesting, I’m looking forward to seeing this guy painted up!

Welcome back :cheers


So nice to see you back here, Grunts :slight_smile:

I hope we’ll see a lot more of you brilliant work.

The sorcerer looks really interesting. Keep it up (this time :))


@ Ghrask Dragh - Glad to be back! I was actually thinking of making the staff shorter. I don’t really want it to be a staff, more along the lines of one part badge of office and one part bad-ass head-bashing mace. I’m really looking forward to putting a brush to this guy, but still some detail and green stuff work to do.

@ clam - once again, very happy to be back. I plan on doing a lot of brilliant work in the next couple weeks haha, I still need to post some pics of the models I have already finished(somehow, it has slipped my mind). But definately keep an eye open, I’ll hopefully have a pic-heavy post coming in the next couple of days.


I like it a lot, especially the crew. There is a lot to be said for humour on the gaming table.

Kera foehunter:

Grunt that a nice bolt thower!! i like the evil gortek too


ok, so i managed to find my camera. Here’s some of what I have done so far.

I’ve finished doing some light conversions to my black orcs, just to differentiate them from the regular ones. I gave the boss a rune of hashut as I figured that the rest of the boyz wouldn’t care who they worked for, but the boss would at least pay lip service to the employers.

I also finished painting up a test model, just so I don’t get a bunch of paint on them and hate the final product. What does everyone think?


Oh, almost forgot. Sorcerers.


Ghrask Dragh:

Nice job! always good to see updates here, orc armour looks good on the test mini, excellent chaos dwarfs :hat off


Nice Dawi Zharr, I like them:)

maybe make it easier for everyone and post em on the site:cheers but other than that, nice


looking great

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Wicked stuff! :smiley:

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I just realized I don’t have any pics of the finished army up.

The whole force



Bull Centaur Hero