Hey all, I’m about to play a game with my two buddies. One plays Wood Elves, the other plays Dwarfs.

We were wondering, does the new 5-men-make-a-rank rule apply to Blunderbuss units??? If it does, my blunderbuss are pretty useless, (only have 12) If anyone could reply to this will a sufficient awnser that would be great.

The Flying Beaver:

5 models are needed for a rank bonus, but you still only need 4 models for the +1 strength. It says in the BB description “Ranks count if at least 4 wide.” That’s pretty specific.


Beaver is right.

Lord Zarkov:

Others are correct;

remember though you still need 5 models for rank bonus in combat, so 4x3 would not get rank bonus, but would still get S bonus, whereas 5x3 would get both

Traitor King:

Seems at bit stupid realy. that was written back when rank bonuses were 4 wide. IF (and we probably wont) we get an FAQ, this would be one of the first things to be changed i recon.


We did actually get a FAQ covering this.


Its only applies to tournaments, but I think the changes are reasonable enough to adopt them as normal rules.

Hashut’s Blessing:

I don’t understand why it didn’t say a rank that counts for a rank bonus. Oh well. but, yes, they are correct.


I’m not complaining though. I only have 12 of the crazy lil’ buggers, so if I had to have five in a rank for their strength it would seriously downplay their threat on the table.

Btw those who wish to know, I came out in the middle. What we did was have an objective. ( A bridge) and that worth 100VP, but besides that we did table quarters. 100VP each. I ended up beating my Wood Elf buddy by 6VPs!!! My dwarfy friend won the game because he never lost enough of anything to merit any VPs. A good game overall.


Gah, I ahte that new 5 to a rank rule. It makes sense for the little troops, but why did they have to do it to the big’uns. I’m sorry but I’d feel far more confident with 4 chaos warriors, black orcs or saurus backing me up than 5 goblins, state troops or clanrats. It really is a stupid rule, synically designed to make existing players spend more simply to be able to use their existing armies


Nah, much easier just to split one of your units up amongst the rest of the units, there is no way you’ll be able to scrape the extra points to add 4 models to every unit without losing one of the units anyway. Either that or change your 4x4 units to 5x3 and just deal with the lost rank. I’m annoyed that i will have to make a load of new movement trays.

I think it was really to deal with the larger number of MSU armies which are against the vision they have for Warhammer of being more about large blocks of troops.


It also makes big uns for what they are. Chaos warriors, saurus, blorks now expand their ranks ridicously, cutting their rank bonus for the chance of beating the enemy with sheer number of wounds inflicted. besides, 4 big man units are sort of not that reliable. they are suppost to dish the damage, not huddle in ranks.

Hashut’s Blessing:

Before the 5 to a rank rule, I’d been considering using Chaos Warriors in ranks of 6 (two mor attacks, still in comabt due to corner-to-corner rule), but now, it would depend what army I’m facing. And GW hasn’t made new movement trays that are 125mm wide. They could get a bit of money from it, which is what they are seemingly more and more about.

But, well done Kb and I hope your questions is answered now! (I had an idea earlier today of the new BB rules being as they are, except it should be every rank that applies for +1 CR gives +1 S up to S 5… What do ya’ll think?)


You think we should unofficially change it to that ourselves? Is that what you’re saying? I wouldn’t mind that, it just lowers the effectiveness of my BB unit is all.

Hashut’s Blessing:

No, I’m just saying that it makes more sense. For example a unit 300 models wide (yes, I’m using an absurdly extreme example here!), with 4 behind? 300x20mm= 6m wide, by 12" forward S4 hits… Doesn’t make sense… All because of 80mm…

However 300 wide with 150 behind, that seems to be okay, but less and it’s not got that extra “oomph!”, more and it’ll still have extra “oomph!”, but it could have EVEN more at 750 models total. Do you get what I’m saying?


Yeah, I kind of get what your saying, that makes sense.

Hashut’s Blessing:

Just, otherwise, 4 models can affetc more than is realistic etc etc. Not that a lot of WH is realistic, but you know what I mean now.


Yes, that makes sense. four BB doesn’t seem worth +1 Strength in the end.

Hashut’s Blessing:

Well, not if they’re’s 12 in the front rank. If there’s four in the front rank, then yeah, they do :D.


know what sucks? the fact that those FAQ’s only apply to the US tournaments, it measn if i was to enter a tournament here in Australia i would be a helluva less sure about how everything woks:(

doesnt stop me from using the FAQ in ordinary games, its just the tournaments that would be uncertain


Oh! So you’re saying if they’re enough in the font rank they should get the strength bonus?