[Archive] Uruk Hai as Hobbos?


Hello everyone. I’m about to wrap up an eight-month placement and move back into the same country as my Chaos Dwarf army. I completely paint stripped it before I left and am quite looking forward to slowly rebuilding it again.

Looking through it, only hole in the army is hobgoblins. Other than 30 sneaky gits and a measly ten archers I’ve got no big-hat hobbos and most likely can’t afford any.

This has likely come up before, but I’d like to know people’s thoughts re. using Uruk Hai models from LotR as hobgoblins. I’m thinking of using the Medieval Asian weapon and shield ranges from The Assault Group to customise them to fit my army theme.

My first choice would be scouts, since they’re less regimented and come with bow-equipped models, but regular UH seem incredibly easy to pick up.

I’d also be interested in putting LotR warg riders on something more wolf-like, any favourites in that regard?


I would use simple Mordor Orcs. They have the right Hobbo proportions, they are (were, I don´t know current prices) dirty cheap and they look like a rowdy mob when assembled into a unit. Uruk Hai are simply too muscular and armored to make suitable Hobbos.


I think if I were to use Mordor troops I’d rather use Morannon orcs - regular Mordor orcs are ill-posed and too detailed and bitty for what I’m after - Uruk’s uniformity makes it easier to rank them, even with mass weapon swaps.

Do you include the UH Scouts in your “too armoured” assessment?


Scouts could work.

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Have you considered mordor uruk hai? They look pretty rag-tag.

Also, on Morannon orcs, they have no bows.